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Start Your Own Business Bundle

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What you'll learn

This 4 course bundle will cover the preliminary steps to starting your own successful business, you will learn to think like an entrepreneur, deal with the finance and accounting, market your business and create an amazing website.

This bundle will cover the preliminary steps to starting your own successful business, you will learn to think like an entrepreneur, deal with the finance and accounting, market your business and create an amazing website. You will learn market research, design thinking, prototyping, branding, sales, & seed round fundraising. Follow an 8-step journey that lowers your risk and moves your venture forward.

Finance and Accounting is an essential part to any business and it is very important for Managers and Entrepreneurs to quickly learn the language of business such as; The Income Statement / Profit & Loss Statement and what to look out for in business meetings; the Balance Sheet and why this important statement is not complicated, Options for raising extra cash and Best practice when preparing statements.

A beautifully designed website can attract customers from all over the internet. You will learn how to use HTML5 and CCS3 to build unique, beautifully designed and responsive landing page for you company. You will also address real world web design and development issues, and build the skills to allow you to build an amazing website!

Finally, you will learn from the experts about how to drive qualified traffic to your website, you will have thousands of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest followers within a few months. This course covers everything that you need to know about marketing your business online.


**Become an Entrepreneur: The 8 Step Business Launch!**

Part 1 - Welcome to the Programme

Part 2 - Step 1: Business Concepts & Target Markets

Part 3 - Step 2: Market Research

Part 4 - Step 3: Using Research for Better Business

Part 5 - Step 4: Estimating Value

Part 6 - Step 5: Prototypes & Testing

Part 7 - Step 6: Branding, Pricing & UX

Part 8 - Step 7: Your First Customers

Part 9 - Step 8: Seed Funding

Part 10 - Step 9: Bonus Tutorials

**Finance and Accounting For Beginners**

Part 1 - Profit & Loss or Income Statement

Part 2 - Balance sheets

Part 3 - Cash and Working Capital

Part 4 - Working More Efficiently

Part 5 - Other Points

**Responsive Web Design & Web Development - HTML5 & CSS3**

Part 1 - Course Introduction

Part 2 - Web Design Basics

Part 3 - Dive into HTML

Part 4 - Formatting with CSS

Part 5 - The Killer Website Project

Part 6 - Responsive Web Design with media queries

Part 7 - Let’s add some cool effects

Part 8 - Optimizing and launching!

Part 9 - Conclusion

**Digital Marketing 4 in 1: Website, Google, Social, YouTube**

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - YouTube Introduction

Part 3 - YouTube Calls to Action

Part 4 - YouTube Video Creation & Views

Part 5 - YouTube Advanced Techniques

Part 6 - Website Traffic & Search Engines

Part 7 - Website Traffic & Other Marketing

Part 8 - How Google Works

Part 9 - The 8 Step Google Game Plan

Part 10 - Social Media: The Big 3

Part 11 - Social Media: The Best of the Rest

Part 12 - Final Thoughts: Highlights Documents

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  • 230 lectures with over 12 hours of video content, plus supporting PDF materials
  • Build a great brand for your business & Learn to find specific audiences for your ideas
  • Learn essential accounting knowledge for anyone planning a start-up business
  • Real world skills to build real websites & Easy to follow and hands on design and development
  • A step by step guide to ensuring that your website or blog features on the first page of Google Search Results
  • Responsive web design so that your website works across all devices – an absolute must have skill in today’s mobile world


Davis Jones

Chris Moore
Financial and Accounting Instructor

Roberto Neri
Deegit Media

Jonas Schmedtmann

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Start Your Own Business Bundle