British Sign Language: Level 1 & 2

British Sign Language is an official language in the United Kingdom. Use BSL to expand your signing knowledge with new phrases and grammar rules!

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Course Highlights

  • 47 modules across 4 hours of content, plus downloadable scripts.
  • Uncover the secrets of British Sign Language
  • (Level 1) Learn about meeting people, age, time, money, weather, transport, directions, and hobbies
  • (Level 2) Learn about everyday communication i.e. Eating and drinking, Shopping and Holidays and much more.
  • Learn about the 5 most common grammar rules of BSL - Negation, Plurality, Question Structure, Marking Time & Quality

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British Sign Language: Level 1 & 2

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Learn Sign Language

More Info

British Sign Language is the official sign language used in the United Kingdom. There are thousands of people who are predominantly communicating with this form of language. Why not expand a basic knowledge of British Sign Language and progress towards confident signing with this course covering level 1-2 material.

This course is ideal for beginners and those that have a small amount of experience with sign language. You will learn within the topic areas of: meeting people, age, time, money, weather, transport, directions, hobbies, and that is just level 1! Within level 2 you learn about everyday communication, for example, Eating and drinking, Shopping and Holidays and much more.

This course is accompanied by full video demonstration and PDF scripts, therefore it will be easy to keep track of how much you are learning.

Do you have friends, family, or children that are deaf? Are you intrigued at the prospect of learning another language? Or do you wish to take up a career where communication is key? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then this course is for you.