Jonas Schmedtmann

About Jonas Schmedtmann

Hi, I'm Jonas!

I'm a self-taught web designer and developer with a great passion for building beautiful new things from scratch. I've been building websites since 2007 I also have a Master's degree in Engineering. I was lucky enough to be able to pay for college doing what I love the most: designing and developing websites.

If I had to describe my web design and development course in one sentence, I would say “This is exactly the course I wish I had when I first started with web design and development".

If you don't want to go through I-don't-know-how-many books and literally thousands of online articles and tutorials, like I did, then enrol in my course today. I will be very happy to share my knowledge with you as well, and help you with everything I can. Because happy students make me happy too.


This 3 course bundle offers a complete and intensive approach to learning the fundamentals of web design and development using HTML5, CSS3 and across all andoid devices.


This 4 course bundle will cover the preliminary steps to starting your own successful business, you will learn to think like an entrepreneur, deal with the finance and accounting, market your business and create an amazing website.


If you've ever wondered how beautiful websites are designed and built, you need this course on responsive web design and development. Covers HTML5, CSS3