Developer Bundle

This 3 course bundle offers a complete and intensive approach to learning the fundamentals of web design and development using HTML5, CSS3 and across all andoid devices.

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Course Highlights

  • Includes 524 Lectures and over 70 hours of engaging video content
  • Real world skills to build real world websites & Easy to follow and hands on design and development
  • Responsive web design so that your website works across all devices – an absolute must have skill in today’s mobile world
  • Optimize your website for speed and search engines
  • Create useable and lucrative apps for the iOS App Store and Android Google Play Store.
  • Use coding languages to build excellent website content with elegant form.
  • Use Twitter Bootstrap to create responsive websites that will work on any device.
  • This bundle is Ideal for complete beginners who want to learn how to build a stunning website, people with coding knowledge who want to be able to put that into practice, designers looking to expand their skills sets.

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Developer Bundle

Jonas Schmedtmann
Jonas Schmedtmann, Course Teacher

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Course Facts

Bundle requirements There are no prerequisites for this bundle

More Info

This bundle offers a complete and intensive approach to learning the fundamentals of web design and development using HTML5, CSS3 and across all andoid devices.

The Responsive Web Design & Web Development course is entirely project based, and you will build a unique, beautifully designed and responsive landing page for a fictional company. Learn real world skills to build real world websites & Easy to follow and hands on design and development and optimise your website for speed and search engines.

The complete android developer course will take you from being a beginner to creating apps at an advanced level! You will learn how to build Android applications from the very beginning with this complete course and become certified in a new skill. Students will learn and understand the concepts and methods behind creating applications, gain an understanding about databases and how to store data in them in SQLite, creating user interfaces and learn how to develop games using Libgdx.

The Complete Web Development course will take you from from basic to advanced concepts in the form of practical examples that you can use as a web-developer! You’ll also have unlimited web hosting throughout the course so you can set your projects live without worrying about costs! If you’ve ever thought about becoming a part of this exciting industry, then this is the course for you.


Responsive Web Design & Web Development - HTML5 & CSS3

Part 1 - Course Introduction

Part 2 - Web Design Basics

Part 3 - Dive into HTML

Part 4 - Formatting with CSS

Part 5 - The Killer Website Project

Part 6 - Responsive Web Design with media queries

Part 7 - Let’s add some cool effects

Part 8 - Optimizing and launching!

Part 9 - Conclusion

The Complete Android Developer Course: Beginner To Advanced

Part 1 - Introduction And Software Installation

Part 2 - Android Basics

Part 3 - Activities & States

Part 4 - Widgets, Pixels & Layout

Part 5 - Event Handling

Part 6 - Gestures & Fragments

Part 7 - Buttons And App Design

Part 8 - Text & Animations

Part 9 - Intents

Part 10 - Threads

Part 11 - Services & ListView

Part 12 - All About Databases

Part 13 - Working With Multimedia

Part 14 - Preferences

Part 15 - Game Development

Part 16 - Our Final Project: A Complete Overview of Our Finished Android Application

Part 17 Creating Stopwatch Application

Part 18 - Check Box, Radio Button, Button Icons

Part 19 - Designing The Coffee Shop Application

Part 20 - Navigation Drawer: Designing The Pizza App

Part 21 - Using Maps In Android Application

Part 22 - Using Action Bar In Android Application

Part 23 - Using CardView And ScrollView In Android Application

Part 24 - Real Estate Android Application

Part 25 - Resolving Issues

Part 26 - Building Android App From An Idea

Part 27 - How To Publish Your App To The Appstore and Google Play Store

Part 28 - Source Code

Part 29 - Course Summary and Conclusion

Complete Web Development - 300 Module Guide!

Part 1 - Introduction - Get your free Unlimited Web Hosting - HTML

Part 2 - CSS

Part 3 - Professional Project: Mathematics Tutorials Website (HTML & CSS)

Part 4 - Javascript

Part 5 - Professional Project: Maths Game (HTML, CSS & JavaScript)

Part 6 - jQuery

Part 7 - Professional Project: Fruits Slice Game (HTML, CSS & JQuery)

Part 8 - Twitter Bootstrap

Part 9 - Professional Project: App Landing Page (HTML, CSS & Bootstrap)

Part 10 - Professional Project: Company Website (HTML, CSS & Bootstrap)

Part 11 - Professional Project: Our Lovely Course (HTML, CSS, jQuery & Bootstrap)

Part 12 - Professional Project: Stopwatch App (HTML, CSS, jQuery & Bootstrap)

Part 13 - Professional Project: Drawing App (HTML, CSS, jQuery UI, Canvas, Local Storage)

Part 14 - MySQL

Part 15 - WordPress (3 Professional Webpages: Blog + About Page + Contact Page)

Part 16 - Google Maps API's

Part 17 - Professional Project: Distance Between Cities (HTML. CSS, jQuery, Google Maps)

Part 18 - Professional Project: Website with Social Widgets (Facebook, Google+ & Twitter)

Part 19 - IOS and Android Mobile Applications using jQuery Mobile

Part 20 - Professional Project: Speed Reader for IOS and Android

Part 21 - Further Reading

Part 22 - Quiz