Kristen Palana

Award Winning Artist and Teacher

About Kristen Palana

I'm a multimedia artist and educator recently based in Rome, Italy and a tenured Associate Professor of Digital Media at The American University of Rome where I also co-founded its Film and Digital Media Program. I have over 15 years of university teaching experience in Rome as well as in and around the NYC area. Since July of 2016 I live and work in Yangon, Myanmar.

Besides teaching at Of Course, I'm also a Course Facilitator for the UN-mandated University for Peace (Costa Rica) through their Centre For Executive Education.

I'm a dual American/Portuguese citizen and have offered art and multimedia courses in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. My work is exhibited internationally and online and has received a number of awards. I received my MFA from Pratt Institute in Computer Graphics and Interactive Media and also hold a BFA in Painting from Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

I love taking complex topics and making them simple. I'm currently researching 21st century learning methods and technologies and am enjoying exploring the world of online teaching and connecting with diverse groups of students from all over the world.


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