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Pregnancy Preparation Bundle

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What you'll learn

This 4 course bundle is a comprehensive and holistic guide to pregnancy. It teaches you how to maintain your mental wellbeing, and provides excellent advice on the diet and exercise required to keep you & your baby happy & healthy!

With this comprehensive 4 course bundle, you will learn how to prepare your mind and body for the challenges of pregnancy! From adapting your thought processes, to keeping up with an exercise plan, discover how to deal with the mental and physical changes of early motherhood, and develop the healthiest habits for you and your unborn baby. Whether this is your first or fourth child, and whether you are carrying the child or not, this bundle provides a holistic preparation for all families-to-be.

So often we only focus on the physical challenges expecting mothers face, but your mental wellbeing is just as important for the health and happiness of your family. With "Mindfulness Meditation for Pregnancy" you will learn how to productively harness your thoughts, to reduce stress and stay relaxed. This will increase your emotional stability, and help you provide a warm and nurturing environment for your newborn.

In "Pregnancy Nutrition: Yoga for your Belly!" you'll be taught the key elements of a healthy diet during pregnancy. Expert Yoga instructor and nutritionist, Georgia Morley, will introduce you to the foods and physical exercises you'll need to best nourish yourself and your child at all stages of development.

"Child Birth Preparation: A Complete Guide" provides you with step-by-step assistance, with special consideration of your mind, body and spirit through each trimester. You'll learn about how to reduce the fear and pain surrounding birth, the benefits of breastfeeding your baby, and even how to plan the perfect baby shower!

With "Pilates for Pregnancy" you will discover amazing exercises to increase your strength and flexibility - key components in staying healthy pre- and post-birth. This course takes you through the pregnancy and beyond, teaching you tricks for maintaining your core, staying toned, and managing pain. Through the changes of early motherhood, this course will help you feel like "you" again!



**Mindfulness Meditation For Pregnancy**

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - 7 Day Meditations Plan

Part 3 - Meditations - Mp3 versions

Part 4 - Mom Prep Journal


**Pregnancy Nutrition: Yoga for Your Belly!**

Part 1 - Introduction To The Course

Part 2 - The Value In Intuitive Eating and Getting Into The Workbook

Part 3 - The Bumps Protocol, Support For Pregnancy Related Illness and Transition

Part 4 - Extra Materials

Part 5 - Recommended Courses


**Child Birth Preparation: A Complete Guide**

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - 1st Trimester- Mind

Part 3 - 1st Trimester- Body

Part 4 - 1st Trimester- Spirit

Part 5 - 2nd Trimester- Mind

Part 6 - 2nd Trimester- Body

Part 7 - 2nd Trimester- Spirit

Part 8 - 3rd Trimester- Mind

Part 9 - 3rd Trimester- Body

Part 10 - 3rd Trimester- Spirit

Part 11 - 4th Trimester- Mind

Part 12 - 4th Trimester- Body

Part 13 - 4th Trimester- Spirit

Part 14 - Recommended Courses


**Pilates for Pregnancy**

Part 1 - Introductory Videos

Part 2 - First Trimester- Weeks 1-13 In Your Pregnancy

Part 3 - Second Trimester- Weeks 14-27 In Your Pregnancy

Part 4 - Third Trimester- Weeks 28-36

Part 5 - Weeks 36-40 Rest Time

Part 6 - Post Pregnancy- 4-6 weeks after the birth

Part 7 - Post Pregnancy Strength and Stretch Series- 6-8 weeks after the birth

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  • Includes 12 hours of video content, 134 lectures and downloadable supplementary materials!
  • Keep calm and manage the anxieties of pregnancy by learning the art of mindfulness meditation.
  • Discover the diet that will keep you and your baby healthy throughout!
  • Strengthen your mental and physical wellbeing from the first trimester to early motherhood.
  • Learn the many benefits of exercise during pregnancy, and follow along with fun pilates routines!
  • Perfect for expecting mothers or supportive family members, who want a clear and comprehensive guide to the pregnancy practices that will give their new family the best start in life.


Jessica Doyle
Pre-Parenting Coach

Georgia Morley
Holistic Nutritionist & Registered Yoga Instructor.

Bailey Gaddis
Childbirth Educator | Birth Doula | Hypnotherapist | Writer

Dr. Fleur
Chiropractor and Sports Trainer

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Pregnancy Preparation Bundle
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Pregnancy Preparation Bundle