Addiction Therapy Bundle

This three course bundle will teach you the vital skills and techniques required to help clients, friends, and family through the difficulties of overcoming addiction.

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  • Access to 116 lectures, 4.5 hours of video, downloadable handouts and a bonus e-book!
  • Learn all about the causes of dependency and addition, and discover creative techniques to beat them!
  • Develop your counselling skills and help your clients on their journey to recovery.
  • Harness the benefits of hypnotherapy to curb your own bad habits.
  • Ideal for current practitioners wanting to enhance the help they can offer clients, or simply for anyone wishing to improve the lives of those around them!

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Addiction Therapy Bundle
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With this 3 course bundle, you will become equipped with powerful techniques to beat addiction. Physical or psychological addictions to destructive substances or behaviours can hold people back in their lives. In this course, you will not only better understand the processes & experiences of addiction & dependency, but you will develop practical skills to help yourself and others overcome addiction and get back on track!

In "Kick That Habit & Overcome Addiction: 10 Easy Steps", you will be guided through an easy-to-follow programme of mental and personal growth. Taught by a trained hypnotherapist, you'll learn how to harness the power of your mind, to break free of the negative thought and behaviour patterns associated with addiction.

"Addiction: Psychology and Therapy" will teach you important counselling and therapy skills, so that you can guide others to a future free from addiction. Based on psychological theories and practices, this course is perfect for anyone interested in a professional career in addiction, or for anyone passionate about assisting others in their road to recovery.

Smoking is one of the most common addictions people face, but with "Quit Smoking Hypnosis Practitioner Certification", you can help people kick this habit for good! Using his 25 years of experience, Mark Casey will teach you calming and non-judgmental hypnosis techniques. You'll learn how to allow your clients to see the negative consequences of smoking, and equip them with practical techniques to fight the urge to smoke.


Kick That Habit & Overcome Addiction: 10 Easy Steps

Introduction - Your Healing Journey

Step One - Anchor Your Safe Place

Step Two - Your Highest Self

Step Three - Your Spiritual Connection

Step Four - Creating and Anchoring the Vision

Step Five - Meeting the Inner Child

Step Six - New Positive Behaviours

Step Seven - Extinguishing the Desire

Step Eight - Surrendering the Addiction

Step Nine - Continuing the Journey

Step Ten - Allow for Deeper Healing

Addiction: Psychology & Therapy

Part 1 - About

Part 2 - Theories of Addiction

Part 3 - Addiction Treatments

Part 4 - Addiction in Society

Part 5 - Addiction in Families

Part 6 - Working with Addiction

Quit Smoking Hypnosis Practitioner Certification

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - The Pre-Talk

Part 3 - The Model of the Mind

Part 4 - Thoughts on Smoking

Part 5 - The Smoking Cessation Hypnosis

Part 6 - Find a Premises and Setup

Part 7 - Certification

Part 8 - Recommended Course

Part 9 - Refer a friend and claim any course for free!