Nutritional Therapy: The Theory of Nutrigenomics

A comprehensive Nutritional Therapy course that covers the theory of Nutrigenomics the impact of nutrition on your DNA and teaches you how to optimise your health with intensely powerful nutrient rich foods.

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Course Highlights

  • This course has 21 lectures with 2 hours of video content & supplementary materials
  • Learn how food affects our DNA and which foods are the most powerful antioxidants.
  • Offers a great introduction into a career in nutrition, life coaching or becoming a dietitian.
  • Learn how to create healthy and well balanced meals to nourish your body.
  • This course is suitable for anyone interested in food health and nutrition.

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Nutritional Therapy: The Theory of Nutrigenomics

Angela Poch, RPCc, CLC, CN
Angela Poch, RPCc, CLC, CN, Course Teacher

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Course Facts

Course requirementsThere are no prerequisites for this course.

Course Teacher

Angela Poch, RPCc, CLC, CN

Certified certified life coach, professional counsellor, and certified nutritionist specializing in plant based and/or mediterranean diet

More Info

This extensive Nutritional Therapy course provides an encyclopedic guide into food nutrition and diet. It introduces the theory of nutrigenomics and how food possibly influences our DNA. Learn how to choose the most powerful nutrient dense super foods to fuel you body, improve your diet and boost your energy levels. You can then use this invaluable information to coach others and help them achieve a fulfilling, healthy lifestyle.

Angela Poch, your course teacher, is a graduate in Nutritional Counselling who has appeared in numerous cooking TV shows, working both behind and in front of the camera and has over 35 years culinary experience.

This course is ideally suited to students interested in learning about nutrition and what constitutes a healthy and balanced diet. You will learn about Nutrigenomics, a new area of research focused on studying our genetics and foods effect on them. It is also perfect for any students wanting to pursue a career in health or wellness coaching.