Nutrition: The Paleo Diet

Discover the benefits of a Paleo diet, how to plan Paleo meals & learn how to integrate it into your existing life. Plus bonus Paleo fridge tour & workouts!

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Course Highlights

  • 8 hrs of videos and an extremely comprehensive workbook on how to properly follow a Paleo diet and integrate it into your existing lifestyle.
  • Discover a diet that will boost your mood, reduce fatigue, improve gut health and enhance your immune system.
  • NO calorie counting!
  • Loads of BONUS material including interviews with nutrition experts, a tour of a Paleo fridge and pantry, PLUS kettleball workout videos! 

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Nutrition: The Paleo Diet

Terry Shanahan
Terry Shanahan, Course Teacher

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Course Facts

RequirementsThere are no prerequisites for this course

Course Teacher

Terry Shanahan

Instructor for The Paleo Transition

More Info

The Paleo Diet is a natural and healthy diet based on the foods eaten by the early humans. Living a Paleo lifestyle keeps you fit & lean, increases your energy levels and improves your gut health. It involves eating meat, fish, fruit and vegetables but excludes dairy, grains and processed foods from your diet. With this course, you will learn how a Paleo diet can help you live a cleaner, healthier life!

Terry Shanahan is the founder of The Shanahan Plan and The Paleo Transition. He has helped thousands of people discover the incredible benefits of a Paleo diet, and is enthusiastic about helping your transition to this new lifestyle without stress or difficulty!

In this course, Terry introduces you to the history and overwhelmingly positive effects of a Paleo diet. You will learn the foods which are included and excluded in this diet, and how to plan your meals around them. You will discover helpful advice on how to overcome any social and financial challenges you might face so you can accommodate your new, healthier diet into your existing life!