CTAA Accredited Introduction to Pilates

An ideal course for individuals wanting to incorporate Pilates into their life & discover effective techniques to tone their bodies & lose weight with Pilates

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Course Highlights

  • 11 lectures, including 1 hour of video demonstrations & an extensive course manual
  • A great Pilates programme to start your journey and refer back too at any time.
  • Understand Pilates, how to practice safely & the positive changes in can have on your body
  • The complete mat work series suitable for beginners, intermediate & advanced.
  • Enjoy feeling less stressed and calmer almost immediately following regular practise. 

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CTAA Accredited Introduction to Pilates
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RequirementsThis course has no prerequisites

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This CTAA Accredited Pilates course offers in-depth training and will teach you all the health and wellbeing benefits of incorporating Pilates into your everyday life. You will learn tips for toning your body and effective weight loss through video demonstrations. Pilates is a complex form of exercise but this course will enable you to practice safely and learn all the foundation level techniques to live a happier and healthier life.

Pilates can have huge beneficial impacts on both mental and physical health, including posture, muscle tone, balance and joint mobility, as well as relieving stress, tension and anxiety. Get a better understanding of the benfits of Pilates by enrolling in this course today.

The course is ideal for those wanting to improve their health through Pilates & those wanting to learn how to practice safely. Though this is not a professional level course, it will cover all the elements to help you onto your career path should you then decide to continue your studies leading towards qualifying as a Pilates teacher.