Chakra Balancing Bundle

3 courses in 1: Learn simple and effective chakra cleansing techniques to bring balance and healing to your life!

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Course Highlights

  • Includes 79 lectures, 5.5 hours of video content and downloadable PDF materials
  • Understand the fundamentals of the healing chakra system with simple practical exercises
  • Use chakra techniques to overcome phobias, boost your immune system and increase creativity!
  • Balance your wellbeing and energise your body with a chakra fusion of mindfulness and dance
  • Great for anyone with an interest in natural healing remedies and a drive to improve their vitality

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Chakra Balancing Bundle

Ann Zitzmann
Ann Zitzmann, Course Teacher

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Discover how chakra cleansing techniques can restore balance to your mind and body! By understanding the interacting chakra systems and their complementary meditative techniques, you can start to heal mental and physical health problems. Put your new skills into practice to help yourself and others feel the benefits!

"An Introduction to the Chakra System" will teach you the basics of chakra therapy. You'll learn how to embrace your unique aura and connect with your true self. Using powerful meditations, this course will help you on your journey of self-improvement!

In "Chakra Balancing Made Simple" you'll learn ideal techniques for a range of situations, such as reducing stressful triggers or balancing digestive health. Not only will you be taught how to use these techniques on yourself, but you'll find out how to perform them on others. With a focus on practicality, you can truly master this natural healing method!

"Chakra Cleanse: Meditation & Dance Therapy" includes in depth tutorials on each of the key chakra systems. With complementary mindfulness and dance techniques, you will discover how to connect to yourself and the earth. This course will help you find what makes you feel balanced and will advance your personal wellbeing!


An Introduction to the Chakra System

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - What is the Chakra System?

Part 3 - The Chakras

Part 4 - The Auric Field

Part 5 - Course Conclusion

Part 6 - Quiz

Chakra Balancing Made Simple

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - Theory and General Balancing

Part 3 - Chakra Balancing on Specific Issues

Chakra Cleanse: Meditation & Dance Therapy

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - Introduction to Chakra and Prana

Part 3 - Base Chakra - Connect Deeply to the Earth's Wisdom, Honouring Our Life Giver

Part 4 - Sacral Chakra - Key to Your Emotional Well-Being

Part 5 - Solar Plexus Chakra - Your Centre of Personal Strength

Part 6 - Heart Chakra- Gateway Between Above and Below

Part 7 - Throat Chakra - Let Go and Express Yourself

Part 8 - Third Eye Chakra - Connect with Your Intuitive Self

Part 9 - Crown Chakra - Your Bridge to the Cosmos, Enlightenment and Your Highest Self

Part 10 - Conclusion

Part 11 - Quiz