Independence Therapy & Care Giving Bundle

These four courses will teach you the empathy, counselling and care-giving skills required to work with elderly and disabled people and allow them to live independently

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Course Highlights

  • Includes 7 hours of video across 140 lectures, plus downloadable handouts and course quizzes!
  • Learn how to care for people with significant challenges and disabilities in a kind and caring way!
  • Discover practical and professional skills for supporting and counselling others.
  • Develop techniques for maintaining your own energy and enthusiasm in complex situations.
  • Ideal for anyone looking to advance their career development in therapy, or for those who want to better care for a loved one.

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Independence Therapy & Care Giving Bundle
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Course requirementsThis course has no prerequisites

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This course will help you grow into a highly skilled and extremely caring therapist. Across 4 courses, you'll learn how to structure activities, create an empathetic atmosphere, and give counselling guidance to those in need. Overall, you'll develop skills that will help people through all ages live comfortable, fulfilled lives.

In "Essential Energy Care for Empathy" you will develop one of the key skills of an occupational therapist: empathy. You'll learn how to connect with your own energy, and discover ways to protect yourself during difficult situations. You'll also learn how to eliminate negative energy within others, which is vital to providing a warm and supportive environment for those in your care.

"Introduction to Independence Therapy" is the gateway to your exciting new career. It will enhance your understanding of the human body, which will make you a better carer. It will also equip you with valuable practical skills in care-giving, and enhance your leadership skills so that you may grow in the profession. You'll be inspired and prepared to improve the lives of others.

As a therapist, you may find yourself working with people with serious illnesses, who need specialised support. "Social Care: A Guide to Care-Giving" will give you the skills and resources to support these people. You'll have lectures on everything from creating a game plan for your patient, to practical tasks like doctors appointments, to techniques for maintaining your well-being at work.

Finally, "An Introduction to Successful Counselling" will share the theories and techniques of major counselling and treatment styles. You'll find out how to integrate these practices into your patients' programmes of activities and provide them with high-class care and support. This course will also enhance your own professional development as you get to grips with Practice Based Evidence as a therapeutic model.


Essential Energy Care For Empathy

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - Energy Empathy

Part 3 - Sensing Subtle Energy & Your Energy Body (Aura)

Part 4 - Cleaning Your Energy Body (Aura)

Part 5 - Protecting Your Energy Body (Aura)

Part 6 - Conclusion

Part 7 - BONUS: Soul Star Meditation

Introduction to Independence Therapy

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - What is Occupational Therapy?

Part 3 - Basic Anatomy and Physiology

Part 4 - Creative and Management Skills

Part 5 - Career Growth in Occupational Therapy

Part 6 - Individual Client Development

Part 7 - Course Assessment

Part 8 - Recommended Courses

Part 9 - Refer a Friend To This Course

Social Care: A Guide to Caregiving

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - Your War Chest

Part 3 - The Game Plan

Part 4 - Put Your Mask On First

Part 5 - Doctor's Appointments

Part 6 - Message to the Care Supporters

Part 7 - Messages for the Care Receiver

Part 8 - Conclusion

Part 9 - Bonus Discussion

An Introduction to Successful Counselling

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - Common Factors of Successful Therapy

Part 3 - Course Quiz