Makeup & Skincare Bundle

This 2 course bundle will teach you how to develop a makeup and skincare regime perfect for the average, busy women.

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Course Highlights

  • 64 lectures with over 5 hours of video content
  • Learn how to create flawless make up that will take you from day to night.
  • Find out the best affordable products for your skin type
  • Achieve youthful glowing skin.
  • Become educated in the ingredients of products and what you're putting on your skin
  • Learn how to fit your make up and skincare routine into a busy schedule.

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Makeup & Skincare Bundle
Louise Croft
Louise Croft
Course Tutor

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Bundle AccessUnlimited
RequirementsThis bundle has no prerequisites

Course Teacher

Louise Croft

Fashion Blogger & Lifestyle Coach

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This bundle will teach you how to develop a makeup and skin care regime perfect for the average women. It can be incredibly difficult to maintain a busy schedule while looking your best and taking care of your skin. Within this bundle you will learn how to enhance your natural beauty and take care of your skin by using simple time efficient methods.

Louise Croft is a fashion and beauty blogger. She is also an entrepreneur and life coach with a first class degree in business. She has worked in a wide range of industries across the world and is passionate about helping women achieve their potential.

Learn how to create flawless makeup, that will last all day and take you from evening to night. Find the perfect products for your skin without breaking the bank and learn about what brushes to buy and how to use them.

Louise will also show you her simple, quick and affordable techniques to help you achieve youthful and glowing skin. You will also learn how to combat the ageing process and understand the vast array of skincare products available. You will also learn what products are suitable for your skin type and how to apply them

If your ready to take control of your makeup and skincare routine and fit it into your personal lifestyle than this course is for you.


Effortless Makeup for Real Women

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - The Building Blocks

Part 3 - Look 1: Day

Part 4 - Look 2: Dinner or Date!

Part 5 - Look 3: Evening or Night Out!


Skincare: Anti - Ageing & Blemish Free

Part 1 - Cleansing away imperfections

Part 2 - Makeup – Is it bad for your skin?

Part 3 - Moisturising: The key to flawless ageless skin?

Part 4 - Serums: what are they and are they worth the money?

Part 5 - The secrets to spot free skin

Part 6 - Keeping your eyes ageless

Part 7 - Masks & Facials: Your Weekly Rehab

Part 8 - The Bare Minimum

Part 9 - Exfoliating: What is it?