Child Manners: The Essential Guide

This course will give you some insight, and valuable tips to teach your kids good manners and become a child behaviour expert

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Course Highlights

  • Discover what successful parent's do that you can copy.
  • Know the risks and pitfalls to avoid while asking for politeness.
  • You will be able to get the child to say please and be polite without threats or punishment.
  • Find fun ways to get your family on board.
  • Understand what you are doing that makes your child stubborn and resist you teaching them about being polite.
  • Learn the simple sentences that allow you to correct your child's impoliteness without making them feel bad or resent you. 

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Child Manners: The Essential Guide
Robin B.
Robin Booth
Course Tutor

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Course Teacher

Robin Booth

Author and Instructor

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Are you fed up with your child’s behaviour? Sick of having to resort to bribes or cross words? This course will give you some insight, and valuable tips to teach your kids good manners and become an expert in child behaviour technoques.

International parenting expert Robin Booth will share his knowledge to get your kids saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, teach you how the tone of your voice affects your child’s behaviour. This course will also give you tried and tested techniques to develop your child’s awareness of their manners.

Through a series of short video lectures, you will learn how to communicate the importance of good manners, in a way that is mutually respectful for yourself and your children.

Your kids will be minding their manners in no time.