Networking 101 - How to Memorize Names & Faces

Boost your memory and learn how to retain faces, names and information easily in this How to Memorize Names & Faces Course.

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Course Highlights

  • Help your brain to memorize the names of new people you meet
  • Go beyond standard social memorization strategies
  • Master stealth strategies without it looking like you aren’t paying attention to the conversation
  • Recall names and faces at will for as long as you want!

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Networking 101 - How to Memorize Names & Faces

Anthony Metivier
Anthony Metivier
Course Tutor

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RequirementsThere are no prerequisites for this course

Course Teacher

Anthony Metivier

Magnetic Memory Method

More Info

Do you wish you could remember the name of that person you met a dinner last week?

Is it embarrassing when someone greets you like an old friend and you have no idea who they are?!

These are some of the struggles that we face in the modern world when we meet so many people, all the time. If you'd like to be able to memorize names and faces without having to try, or repeat their name 20 times in your head!

One of our recent students gave this review:

"I'm struggling to believe this! I was at a meeting today with 20 people I had never met before and I used the first 20 stations of my memory palace, and I've always struggled with names before but today I got it right!

It felt good."

(Stephen Bell)

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