Hypnosis and Meditation Bundle

3 courses in 1: Create personalised hypnosis and meditation sessions for improved wellbeing and self-esteem!

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Course Highlights

  • Includes 78 lectures, with over 6 hours of video content and downloadable course handouts
  • Learn how to perform meaningful, personalised hypnosis to improve yourself and others!
  • Discover how hypnotherapy can help quit smoking, lose weight, reduce anxiety and more
  • Find out how to use meditation to improve your body image and boost your self-love!
  • Ideal for people seeking powerful techniques for improving mental wellbeing and life satisfaction!

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Hypnosis and Meditation Bundle
Dan J.
Dan Jones
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Melody Litton

Dan Jones

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This bundle is the perfect introduction to the healing benefits of hypnotherapy and meditation! You'll learn practical techniques for guiding hypnotic sessions with clients, as well as tips for incorporating meditative practices into your own self-care routines. Start your year right with self-exploration and greater self-love!

"Hypnosis for Beginners" will help you deliver hypnotic sessions that are truly personalised to your individual client. With lectures on how to react to clients' varied responses, and how to naturally guide conversations, you will learn not to rely on impersonal scripts. Your new skills will help you induce powerful hypnosis on anyone!

Performing Self Hypnosis allows you to enter a deeply relaxed and focused state of mind, in which you can alter negative patterns of thinking and create positive changes in your behaviour. In this course, you will learn how to use this powerful tool to help overcome problems in your life, in the comfort of your own home, without regular visits to a therapist!

"Wellbeing Meditations: 21 Days to Love Your Body" will help you in your own life, as well as your clients! This structured programme supports you through self-exploration exercises so that you can better know and love yourself in your body. Apply these energy boosting techniques to find greater fulfillment with what you have!


Hypnosis for Beginners

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - Guiding attention

Part 3 - Responsiveness & Expectancy

Part 4 - Confusion

Part 5 - Guiding Associations

Part 6 - Dissociation

Part 7 - Conclusion

Self Hypnosis for Personal Development

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - Getting Started with Self-Hypnosis

Part 3 - The Importance of Learning & Teaching Self Hypnosis

Part 4 - Therapeutic Techniques To Use With Self Hypnosis

Part 5 - Inductions – Body Scan & Three Things

Part 6 - Inductions – Eyes Open Eyes Closed & Staircase

Part 7 - Inductions – Tension and Relaxation & Secret Garden

Part 8 - Self Hypnosis Inductions – Four Seasons & Mirror

Part 9 - Beyond Structured Inductions

Part 10 - Conclusion & Quiz

Wellbeing Meditations: 21 Days to Love Your Body

Part 1 - Welcome

Part 2 - Preparation for Healing

Part 3 - Meeting your true best friend

Part 4 - The benefits of body communication

Part 5 - Boost your natural energy

Part 6 - Your true potential

Part 7 - Continuing your journey