Creative Childcare Bundle

A 3 course Childcare Bundle featuring yoga for children, mindfulness meditations and skills and strategies to boost your child's confidence and self esteem.

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Course Highlights

  • Includes 71 lectures, 5 hours of video content, handout material as well as course manuals and quizzes to test yourself
  • Consciously and strategically increase your child's self esteem and confidence with 10 different praise techniques.
  • Includes songs, activities and tools that teach children to love yoga, movement and relaxation.
  • Help children to naturally develop a mindful approach to opportunities and experiences.
  • Suitable for parents, child carers and teachers, who want to introduce mindfulness and yoga to children from a young age.

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Creative Childcare Bundle
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Robin Booth

Bari Koral

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This diverse Childcare bundle, offers 3 unique courses for parents and child carers who want to discover innovative and effective ways to connect with children. Learn how to incorporate mindfulness exercises, meditation techniques & self esteem boosting strategies to encourage healthy development in your child.

The first course will teach you how to provide quality, supportive and constructive praise to help build self esteem while maintaining your integrity. How you praise your child will directly impact their well being and future success. Let the skills you acquire in this course become an asset to your home as opposed to something that turns out to undermine and damage them.

The fun and interactive Yoga for Kids course will teach you the background and philosophy behind yoga with children. Learn effective breathing activities to help children wind down, focus and self regulate. It also includes a whole range of highly recommended activities and songs to bring into the classroom to engage with, alongside your kids.

The Mindfulness for Children Course, has been designed to promote the development of mindful awareness in younger children. It is specifically tailored towards children aged 6 to 10 years. Learn how to utilize mindfulness to enhance learning, develop and improve clarity of mind from a young age, in a fun and effective way.


Parenting: Boost Your Child's Self Esteem

Part 1: Here is the most effective way to learn these skills - least time, least effort

Part 2: The scientific proof of why praise messes up (and builds up) your kids.

Part 3: How to praise the content of what your child has done.

Part 4: How to praise the PROCESS or the EFFORT of what they have done.

Part 5: The art of praising honestly and succesfully, every time: Your favourite part

Part 6: How to praise by sharing what you FEEL and BELIEVE.

Part 7: The clever use of praise to get your child to cooperate.

Part 8: How to change your child's attitude with the SUMMATIVE praise skill.

Part 9: General

Yoga for Children: Music & Activities

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: The Yoga Philosophy

Part 3: Games, Tools and Techniques

Part 4: The Songs and Lessons

Part 5: Cool Down and Relaxation

Part 6: Recommended Courses

Part 7: Refer a friend and receive any course for free!

Mindfulness for Children

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Mindfulness & Sound Exercises

Part 3: Touch and Outdoor Activities

Part 4: Vision and Meditation

Part 5: Putting it to Practice

Part 6: Course Quiz

Part 7: Recommended Courses