Cognitive Psychology Bundle

4 courses in 1: This in-depth Cognitive Psychology Bundle will introduce you to the neuro-science of willpower, how to live authentically with mindfulness & Vulnerability and develop your communication skills!

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Course Highlights

  • Includes 181 lectures, over 8 hours of video content, handouts and quizzes.
  • Understand the cognitive reasoning behind willpower and use this to take control of your life.
  • Have more compassion and understanding through face reading techniques
  • Understand the basics of social and positive psychology and authenticity
  • Learn effective techniques and strategies to increase likeability
  • Suitable for anyone who wants to improve productivity and is interested in social psychology and how to improve their social skills and relationships.

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Cognitive Psychology Bundle
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This 4 course bundle will introduce you to the neuro-science of willpower, how to live authentically with mindfulness & Vulnerability and develop your communication skills! Learn how to apply the insights psychologists and neuroscientists have had over the last decades and take a journey towards understanding and mastering willpower.

In Cognitive Psychology: The Neuro-science of Willpower, you will learn about the science behind strong willpower, and raise your self control to allow you to achieve your goals. Based on the latest research and cutting-edge insights from cognitive psychology, neuroscience and medicine, this course distills it all into practical lessons and tools to build your willpower.

Next, Positive Psychology: Authentic living with mindfulness & Vulnerability will teach you about being yourself and the heart of a fulfilled life and positive psychology. Authenticity plays a major role in fulfilled relationships, a life of passion and self confidence. We’ll set the basis for living authentically: getting in touch with our true selves and the necessary steps that will lead us to a more authentic life.

Psychology of Attraction: Like & Be Liked! will teach you how to have smoother interactions and get people on your side more easily. At the end of each section, you’ll leave with a concrete strategy that you can implement immediately the next time you’re looking to make a social connection with someone.

The final course will teach you about the benefits of knowing how to communicate with someone just by looking at them, with face reading! Learn how to read their face and understand how they think and why they behave like they do. The skill is taught in the US Judicial System for criminal profiling and jury selection and the knowledge will be available to everyone with this course.

Cognitive Psychology: The Neuro-Science of Willpower

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Willpower Basics: Hot and Cool

Part 3: The Willpower Muscle

Part 4: Your Brain in Control

Part 5: Willpower Beliefs

Part 6: Present v Future Self

Part 7: Your Body on Willpower

Part 8: Putting Self Control in Context

Part 9: Conclusion

Part 10: Recommended Courses

Part 11: Refer a friend and claim a free course!

Positive Psychology: Authentic Living with Mindfulness & Vulnerability

Part 1: Hello & Welcome!

Part 2: Self Understanding: The First Steps towards Authenticity

Part 5: Who am I?

Part 6: Unbiased Perception – The Second Step towards Authenticity

Part 7: Unbiased Perception – Chapter 2

Part 8: Authentic Behaviour – The Third Step towards Authenticity

Part 9: Authentic Relationships – The Fourth Step towards Authenticity

Part 10: Moving Forward

Part 11: Quiz

Face Reading - Understand How Other People Think

Part 1: What is behavioural genetics?

Part 2: Take the JOY Pledge

Part 3: Traits

Part 4: No Dominant Traits?

Part 5: Results or Processes

Part 6: Confidence & Thinking Style Q&A

Part 7: The Magic Touch

Part 8: The Detail?

Part 9: Adventure

Part 10: Caring & The Nose

Part 11: Feelings

Part 12: Determination

Part 13: Variation

Social Psychology: Like & Be Liked!

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Similarity

Part 3: Familiarity

Part 4: Mimicry

Part 5: Reciprocal Liking

Part 6: Reactance

Part 7: Secrecy

Part 8: Touching

Part 9: Recommended Courses

Part 10: Refer a friend and claim a free course!