Face Reading - Understand How Other People Think

It might be your boss, your partner, or your Tinder date, but you need to understand people's faces. With face reading, you will understand people better

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Course Highlights

  • Understand other people’s behaviour without taking it personally.
  • Improve your sales figures
  • Have more compassion and understanding through face reading techniques
  • Improve your relationships and dating record

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Face Reading - Understand How Other People Think
Joy P.
Joy Phoenix
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Joy Phoenix

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Imagine the benefits of knowing how best to communicate with someone just by looking at them! That is what you get with face reading!

It might be your boss, your partner, your child or your Tinder date… How useful would it be to be able to read their face and understand how they think, why they behave like they do.

Currently this skill is only taught in the US Judicial System for criminal profiling and jury selection. We’re going to change that! This knowledge should be available to everyone.

Not everyone thinks in the same way as you, and it’s important to understand that. At work, at home, or out and about, this course will not only help you hear and be heard, but it will make the people you are speaking to feel heard.


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