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Self Awareness For Success In Life

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What you'll learn

This self awareness course is designed to help you become more successful in both your social and professional life by creating your very own action plan.

This course will teach you about the connection between self awareness and success and how you can develop your own action plan and become more successful in anything you want. It will show you how to assess and analyse self awareness and clarify what you could do to develop an effective action plan.

Denise Flectcher has over 20 years experience as a Leadership Coach and Trainer working with small, medium and large organisations across all sectors including the public sector and Not for Profit Sector. She is qualified as a Trainer and a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and covers all aspects of the training cycle from training needs analysis, design, delivery and evaluation.

The course is ideal for leaders who want a more successful career path, entrepreneurs who want to create more success in their business and anyone who wants to achieve more success in their relationships with others.

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  • Includes 10 lectures and 30 mins of content.
  • Understand the connection between self-awareness and success.
  • Learn about the Johari Window model and its helpfulness in understanding self-awareness.
  • Invaluable tips to building self-awareness before looking at what action you are going to take in life
  • Suitable for leaders, entrepreneurs and anyone who wants more success in their lives & their relationships


Denise Fletcher
Personal and Leadership Coach

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Self Awareness For Success In Life
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Self Awareness For Success In Life