Become a Yoga Therapist

An innovative Yoga Therapy course that will teach you about the history of yoga therapy, new approaches within Yoga Therapy and help you identify whether or not its the vocation for you. .

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Course Highlights

  • Includes 25 lectures, over an hour of video content, course handouts and a quiz to assess your knowledge.
  • Learn about the benefits of yoga therapy and how it differs from conventional healthcare.
  • Discover whether your personal beliefs are congruent with the yoga therapy perspective as a vocation.
  • Gain all the information, history and facts about yoga therapy to make an informed decision about a career in the area.
  • Suitable for any individual interested in yoga therapy and pursuing a career in the field.

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Become a Yoga Therapist
Matthew T.
Matthew Taylor
Course Tutor

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Course Facts

Course requirementsThere are no prerequisites for this course.

Course Teacher

Matthew Taylor

PhD and Yoga therapist

More Info

This Occupational Yoga Therapy course will teach you about the background and history of classical yoga therapy, as well as the exciting modern developments driving the evolution of YRx (Yoga Therapy). Learn how yoga therapy differs from conventional healthcare, as well as how they are related. You will also discover the place of Yoga Therapy in modern society and whether or not its for you.

Your course teacher, Matthew J. Taylor, has a PhD in Individual and Organizational Transformational Learning & Change, a BA in psychology and a masters in Physical Therapy. He also has a Professional Yoga Therapy Certification, has developed and operated MyBalance Seminars and is a dedicated author, researcher and teacher.

This course is ideally suited to individuals interested in yoga and yoga therapy as well as innovative approaches to contemporary therapies. If you want to gain a thorough insight into yoga therapy, what it involves and if its a good fit for your personal goals, then this course is for you.