Modern Study Skills & Exam Preparation

Learn these modern study skills and techniques to help prepare you for exams, learning and classes. Achieve the grades you need for your future.

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  • Increase your academic grades and performance by changing your mindset and approach to studying
  • Open up free time to spend on hobbies or with friends
  • Improve your chances of securing a dream job or place on a course
  • Course covers motivation, learning retention, maximising class and lecture time, and preparing for exams.

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Modern Study Skills & Exam Preparation

Matthew Grant
Matthew Grant, Course Teacher

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RequirementsThere are no prerequisites for this course

Course Teacher

Matthew Grant

Study Skills Advisor

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Getting good grades at school is possible for everyone with these modern study skills and techniques. They can be implemented within minutes and can instantly improve your academic potential.

This course on its own will not guarantee success – you need to be committed to implementing the techniques and modifying them for your personal situation. Your approach to studying, though, will no longer be a barrier.

No matter what subject you are studying, these efficient techniques can improve your school grades.