Spiritual Shamanism Bundle

2 courses in 1: Discover how the ancient rituals of Shamanism can help you fulfil your potential and lead a more spiritual life

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Course Highlights

  • Includes 210 lectures with over 15 hours of video content, downloadable materials and a course handbook
  • Ignite your spirituality with ancient shamanic practices
  • Awaken your true inner self and become more connected with who you are
  • Learn to harness the powers of nature and animals on your shamanic journey
  • Ideal for anyone curious about how magic and mystical practices can help you learn more about yourself

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Spiritual Shamanism Bundle
Sharon R.
Sharon Ramel
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Course requirementsThere are no prerequisites for this course

Course Teacher

Sharon Ramel

Teacher and Therapist

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Go on a powerful shamanic journey with this exciting three-course bundle! Find out how ancient preparations, rites and ceremonies can help you accomplish a stronger connection with the world, and a greater sense of satisfaction in yourself!

In “Spiritual Enlightenment: Faery Shamanism”, you’ll learn one of the oldest human traditions so that you can better understand the ways of the natural world. It will teach you how to rely on your senses and intuition, helping you become more at one with your inner self. This course will help you find the answers you’re looking for!

“Shamanism: A Spiritual Awakening” is an in depth exploration of shamanic practices. You’ll be taught how to perform traditional ceremonies that will give you strength and power, and allow you to heal your wounds. These magical rites will lead you to further personal development and help you continue your path to spiritual enlightenment.


Spiritual Enlightenment: Faery Shamanism

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 -The Pathway Begins Here

Part 3 -The Awakening - Preparing The Pathway

Part 4 -Meeting With The Faery On Nature's Pathway

Part 5 -The Many Forked Road To The Fae

Shamanism: A Spiritual Awakening

Part 1 - Munay Ki Introduction - Your Quest for Deep Spiritual Transformation Begins Now

Part 2 - The Healers Rite - the Foundation Stone, Together We Will Seed Spiritual Healing

Part 3 - The Bands of Power Rite - Protective Luminous Bands of Spiritual Light

Part 4 - The Harmony Rite - Spiritual Freedom by Clearing and Aligning Your Chakras

Part 5 - The Seers Rite - Tap into Your Spiritual Birthright, It Has Been Waiting for You

Part 6 - The Daykeepers Rite, Restore the Feminine Divine, Connect with the Sacred Alters

Part 7 - The Wisdomkeepers Rite - Restore the Masculine Divine, Living a Spiritual Life

Part 8 - The Earthkeepers Rite - Reconnect to Your Spiritual Rites and Responsibilities

Part 9 - The Starkeepers Rite - Spiritual Connection to the Future, Become Open and Free

Part 10 - The Creators Rite - Awaken and Acknowledge Your Own Divinity, Your Spirituality

Part 11 - Closing Ceremony - the Circle of Life Goes on, we are Connected Forever More

Part 12 - Quiz