Jen Puzio

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

About Jen Puzio

I am passionate about inspiring and teaching others about health and fitness. As a NASM certified personal trainer, I love to share my knowledge showing others how to live a healthy lifestyle. I focus on creating online training programs and fitness courses.

Often people lack knowledge of how to train, pair exercises or need help with selecting healthy foods in a grocery store. I want to make that process easier by providing information, resources, training plans, nutrition guidance and explain the reasons why being fit and healthy is so important. My goal is to educate and change lifestyles!

I have a college degree in Sports Medicine and Athletic Training. I have experience working with athletes of all ages caring for and preventing injuries.

I also have a degree in Health and Physical Education Teaching with teaching and coaching experience at levels K-12.

I was a collegiate soccer player, triathlete and runner for many years. I earned my "D" Coaching License for soccer and enjoyed coaching for many years. Now, I currently spend my free time in the gym lifting weights.

Jen Puzio's Experience


This 3 course bundle will give you the foundation you need to become your own fitness instructor and an all-round health and fitness guru.


  53 students

This 4 course High Intensity Fitness Bundle acts as your personal trainer to help you build your strength and improve your health fitness through plyometrics, weight training and crossfit training.


  58 students

Detox your body for Spring, in this health boosting Spring Cleanse, 3 course Bundle, where you will learn how to eliminate negative habits and follow a healthy diet and lifestyle.


  44 students

Improve your endurance and build your strength with this high-intensity guided Kettlebells Workout course.

  49 students

3 courses in 1: This bundle will help you grow stronger and fitter, and equip you with powerful self defence techniques so you can protect yourself and loved ones!


  61 students

This Boxing Course combines the fitness components of strength, flexibility, agility, power, speed and endurance into an easy to follow program.


  104 students

This 8 Week Weight Training Course provides the perfect introduction for beginners with 56 daily videos, printable fitness logs, strength training exercises and energy boosting recipes.


  313 students

This complete one month fitness and nutrition plan will help you obtain the physique you have been striving for through a complete fitness programme.

  71 students

This 3 course fitness bundle will help you discover a fat-busting fitness workout, the secrets to a nutritious diet, how to give a deep tissue massage, while using sports psychology to boost your clients motivation and success!


  47 students

This fitness diploma will help you to earn the physique that you have always dreamed of. Specifically designed to make you burn fat, lose weight and increase strength and confidence.


  745 students

This Sports Nutrition & Exercise Adviser course will teach you everything needed to implement an effective sports nutrition regime for yourself and others.

  252 students

This 3 course fitness & nutrition bundle will help you to design a practical diet and fitness plan to help you manage your weight this summer!


  163 students