Master Coach Certification Bundle

Learn advanced life coaching skills with 4 courses from top coach Natalie Rivera. Help your clients lead happier, more purposeful lives, and earn 4 certifications along the way!

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  • 229 lectures, including 18 hours of video content and downloadable course materials!
  • Learn psychological techniques to bring more fulfillment to your own life and the lives of your clients!
  • Gain 4 certifications in life coaching so that you can teach others how to be happier and more successful
  • Discover top strategies to turn your new skills into a profitable coaching business
  • Perfect for anyone looking to train as a life coach and start a new career making a difference in others' lives!

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Master Coach Certification Bundle
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Joeel Rivera

Entrepreneur, Author & Professional Speaker

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In this four course bundle, you'll learn how to guide yourself and others towards fulfilling, and successful lives. Along the way, you'll earn multiple life coaching certifications, and discover how to create a top coaching business! Using her extensive experience, professional life coach Natalie Rivera will teach you how to start helping others achieve their full potential!

In "Life Coaching: The Complete Introduction", you'll start on your journey to becoming a professional life coach. First you'll cover the basics of best practice, and the key theories in the industry. You'll then develop crucial skills like active listening and probing, to help your clients through the important processes of goal setting, and change-making. This course is your first step to a new vocation!

"Happiness Life Coach Certification" will help you earn your first coaching qualification! Discover how processes of psychology influence our decision-making, and learn practical techniques to help transform your clients' lives! From here, you'll be able to grow a great life coaching business!

Expand your repertoire with "Life Purpose Coach Certification". You'll be taught an incredible step-by-step system that help your clients realise their true life purpose! Adding this certification to your services will not only add real benefits to your clients, but will increase your potential business revenue!

In "Goal to Success: Life Coach Certification", Natalie will teach you advanced coaching skills based in psychological understanding and best industry practice. Through these lectures, you'll boost your confidence in your coaching skills, and be ready to create a truly exciting business!


Life Coaching: The Complete Introduction

Part 1 - Introduction to Life Coaching

Part 2 - Self Awareness as a Coach

Part 3 - Setting Expectations

Part 4 - Your Life Coaching Business

Part 5 - Coaching Process and Methodologies

Part 6 - Coaching Tools and Techniques

Part 7 - Communication Techniques: Listening

Part 8 - Communication Techniques: Questioning

Part 9 - Communication Techniques: NLP

Part 10 - Mindset

Part 11 - Coaching Forms and Template

Part 12 - Conclusion and Next Steps

Happiness Life Coaching Certification

Part 1 - Happiness Coach Introduction

Part 2 - Coaching Tips And Tools

Part 3 - Layer 1: Desire (influences/programming/expectations)

Part 4 - Layer 2: Limiting Beliefs (unconscious/agreements)

Part 5 - Layer 3: Ego and Identity (attachments/roles)

Part 6 - Layer 4: Time (past and future vs the now)

Part 7 - Layer 5: Patterns and Conditioning (rewiring for joy)

Part 8 - Layer 6: Your Current Mood (emotions)

Part 9 - Wrap Up & Bonuses: Unleash Your Happiness

Life Purpose Coach Certification

Part 1 - Introduction and Coaching Tips

Part 2 - Discovering Purpose

Part 3 - Eliminating Limiting Beliefs

Part 4 - Putting It All Together

Part 5 - What's Next?

Part 6 - Certification

Goal to Success: Life Coach Certification

Part 1 - Foundations of Goal Success Coaching

Part 2 - Step 1: Know What Your Really Want

Part 3 - Step 2: Believe You Can Achieve

Part 4 - Step 3: Create A Concrete Plan For Success

Part 5 - Step 4: Stay Committed and Motivated

Part 6 - Conclusions and Reflection