Claire Maguire

Transformational wellbeing coach

About Claire Maguire

Dr Claire Maguire, is the UK’s leading transformational wellbeing coach who inspires women from around the world to take the next step towards living a fantastic life. As a lifestyle and wellbeing coach, Claire combines transformative life coaching techniques with the power of alkalising and energising food to bring about clarity, focus and momentum. Claire draws on her diverse background and experience to create truly comprehensive programs that address all aspects of our wellbeing, health, energy, passion and emotional strength.

With a PhD in medical biochemistry followed by working in top universities as a researcher, Claire uses her analytical mind to laser in and get results whilst her background as an independent music company director utilises her creative mind to evoke fun, laughter and out of the box thinking to create lasting change. Claire has also run her own catering company and worked as a Samaritan helping people in crisis.

Claire has spent her life flirting with frivolity and fun, on stage as a young actress, a burlesque dancer, a ski-instructor, a hill walker, a yoga enthusiast, a painter, a mother, a lover and consumer of life. With such a diverse background, Claire has found her life skills blend beautifully when coaching others to find their own unique life.

Her own health challenges with breast cancer and overcoming the traumatic treatment have reinforced in her the upmost importance of our own self-worth, health and positive body image. This is what drives her to inspire other women to feel fantastic about themselves.


Claire has reached out to hundreds of women with her engaging talks, successful retreat programmes, popular workshops and her private coaching practice. She is a published author (you can read more about her books here) and has received significant acclaim in the national press. She also blogs about life, food, self-care and raw food recipes.

Claire has trained and worked with outstanding world-class coaches to learn extensively about wellbeing and lifestyle, how the mind works and success. For Claire, learning never stops and she is always updating her knowledge and skill set to ensure her clients receive the best information available. In a vibrant and compassionate manner she inspires her clients to experience deep transformation to capture their femininity and live life to its fullest.


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