Christopher Sasha

Functional Health Strategist | Author | Public Speaker

About Christopher Sasha

Armed with a $75,000 finance degree, I set out to make a tsunami in the financial markets. And I did well, which gave me a comfortable lifestyle. Albeit I had an impressive bank account balance, I was struggling with a void in my heart.

Cancer took my mother from me when I was 8 years old. Cancer took my father away, too. But it didn't stop there by taking my baby sister's life as well. Cancer wasn't the only disease to quash my family. My adopted father suffered for decades from type II diabetes complications from neovascular glaucoma, peripheral neuropathy, and an amputation.

I have been a health nut for most of my life and began to notice that most of my friends and family were developing ailments like hypertension and hypercholesterolemia while physically aging quicker than me. I knew that I was, and still am, predisposed to cancer so I started reading anything and everything related to health to be proactive with my vitality. I traded in my bespoke suits and office for sweat clothes and a gym to become a personal trainer, which became the springboard to authoring my Health 101 book titled, Transforming Your Lifestyle One Belief at a Time.

I then became a TV personality for health, a public speaker on the health platform, a host for a radio talk show called Healthy Bodies Talk, a contributor for a national health magazine, and now a health instructor on Of Course . I poured myself into trying to find the answers to lowering my risk from developing today's most common chronic diseases. Conventional medicine has erroneously trained us to believe that genetics dictates our health. In truth, genetics plays about 30% influence on our health, which means that we have about 70% control of our health with the type of lifestyle we choose to live.

I'm a strong advocate for being proactive with health and taking advantage of the 70% control we have on our health. And to do that, I learned to renounce most conventional medicine advice and embrace cutting-edge science. Much of what we have been told by the healthcare system is only half-truths or completely false.

In modern day, we are bombarded by toxic chemicals that our government allows in our food, water, and air; stress; infections; viruses; lack of sleep; and more. These factors accumulate in our systems and eventually our bodies break down often times leading to disease. I have dedicated the past 20 years of my life researching and experimenting new health ideologies and I would love to share what I have learned with those who are willing to think outside of the box and be proactive with their health.


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