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Soap Making Business Diploma

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What you'll learn

Embark on a transformative journey into the world of soap making with Maxine Clarke's online course, presented by OfCourse Learning.

Delve into the creation of an extensive range of entirely natural products, spanning traditional soap bars to luxurious liquids and creams. Maxine's expertise, rooted in her grandmother's teachings, guides you through the nuances of soap-making equipment, ingredients, and essential processes. Beyond crafting, Maxine imparts invaluable insights into packaging creations as perfect presents and shares tips for initiating a successful soap-making business.

Benefit from her wealth of experience, from using soap making as a supplemental income during financial challenges to establishing a thriving soap-making business and becoming the author of a dedicated book on natural soap products.

This comprehensive course not only enriches your soap-making skills but also empowers you to personalise products for unique gifts and navigate the nuances of building a successful business in the soap-making industry.

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  • 20 lectures including, 1.5 hours of video content plus supporting PDF files
  • Video tutorials on a wide range of soap products, from bars to creams. PLUS loads of recipes!
  • A focus on natural ingredients – no artificial products here!
  • Learn how to build your soap-making hobby into a profitable business.
  • Guidance on how to package your products to sell your products and impress your friends and family! 


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Soap Making Business Diploma
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Soap Making Business Diploma