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Sandy McVey
Sandy McVey
Sandy McVey
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Professional Floral Designer


I love to teach and enjoy sharing the tips and techniques I've acquired over the years. As one person with two passions: computer skill development and floral design I enjoy applying creative concepts in an organized manner. I balance my instruction the same way, delivering key concepts through familiar analogies and example. Friends ask me how I manage to accomplish so much in a given day. I'm self-motivated -- just like you!

An educational technology consultant and computer skill developer by profession I've developed my knowledge and techniques over the past 15 years. As a Microsoft Office Certified Specialist teaching adult learners I am the often requested guide. I enjoy working with adults looking to improve their skill-set and understand how to target topics that directly support the competencies employers seek.

Colleagues encouraged me to share my floral design wisdom by developing an online course. Hence the creation of, "Floral Design for Beginners".

Join my floral design course to learn core concepts to begin your floral design career. I believe that good designs are based on creativity, not budget, and encourage you to make every day a celebration. Floral creations are a natural, non-fattening, feel-good complement to any occasion. I'll show you ways to combine fresh flowers and greenery with silk floral accents and whimsical supplementals such as vegetables, fruits, ribbons, beads, and picture frames to accent life's special moments with your memorable gifts.

Floral design has long been my passion. I've collected an abundance of knowledge through classes, workshops, floral-focused events, and life experiences with my network of like-minded gardeners and designers. I was highly-honored to be selected the people's choice winner of the Container Garden Challenge at the 2014 Philadelphia Flower Show.