Silicon Valley Career Masterclass: The CV Project

Looking to stand out from the crowd? This career hacking course will help you get ahead with top tips on LinkedIn, CVs, cover letters, qualifications...

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Course Highlights

  • Learn how to increase the number of call backs you receive
  • Create a pro quality CV Accompanying professional templates
  • A step by step guide to CV Keyword Optimisation
  • 20+ CV samples for your use as you build out your own
  • Eazl's Power Language Tool
  • Create an amazing LinkedIn Profile to get noticed by recruiters and companies!

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Silicon Valley Career Masterclass: The CV Project

Davis Jones
Davis Jones, Course Teacher

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RequirementsThere are no prerequisites for this course

Course Teacher

Davis Jones


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Looking to stand out from the crowd? You already know how transformational an opportunity with an organization like Google, P&G, Facebook, and other mulitnational companies can be for your career (and for your life). In this project-based course, you'll move step by step through the process of creating an absolutely stunning CV for yourself both on paper and online.

LinkedIn is not simply a case of listing your job positions, but there are secrets to making sure recruiters find you and are impressed at what they see. Get the most out of the world's most popular business network with two whole sections dedicated to LinkedIn!

Using their vast experience of recruiting and helping candidates, Davis Jones and Team Eazl share the secrets from Silicon Valley so you can get your dream job offer straight into your inbox!


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