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Positive Parenting and Awareness

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What you'll learn

Positive Parenting, by international Parenting Expert Robin Booth, will teach you the techniques to become a positive parent and have happy children.

Screaming tantrums in supermarkets? Fighting with their siblings? Refusing to go to bed on time? Stressful parenting…you have officially been relegated to the naughty step. The tips you have been searching for are here!

Ensure change happens by following these proven techniques, as created by international Parenting Expert, Robin Booth, to put a smile back on your face today!  Learn how to implement boundaries effectively; learn to express anger appropriately so that your children hear you instead of fear you; learn how to nurture your child’s self-esteem realistically and comprehend how to promote confidence without arrogance in your children.

If you are longing to assert yourself and not just hope they will learn as they leave the “terrible twos”, then sign up now and start the positive process rolling. Turn your frown upside down and your make your smile last a long while!


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  • Beginner and advanced parents
  • Teachers and grandparents
  • Those wanting to learn positive parent behaviour
  • Those wanting to know the basics to prevent children from going down the wrong track
  • Parent coaches or counsellors 


Robin Booth
Author and Instructor

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Positive Parenting and Awareness
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Positive Parenting and Awareness