Personal Finance Bundle

This 3 course personal finance bundle will teach you how to manage and gain control of your finances, track your expenses and optimise your spending.

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Course Highlights

  • Includes 208 lectures, over 9 hours of video content and supporting handout materials
  • Learn how to budget and reduce expenses as well as invest your money the smart way.
  • Create a personal finance tracker and savings plan for the year and forecast how much money you will accumulate.
  • Learn all you need to know about taxes, mortages and retirement plans.
  • This course is suitable for anyone wanting to reduce expenses, save more money and gain control of their finances

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Personal Finance Bundle
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Course requirementsThere are no prerequisites for this course.

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Within this bundle, you will learn how to optimise your spending and gain control over your finances. Create an personalised copy of your "Finance Compass," a powerful tool to keep track of your monthly expenditure. Learn how to master money management skills, grow your income and reduce your debt.

The first Personal Finance Course will teach you how to budget the smart way, invest your money wisely and gain control over your income. Regardless of your financial expertise, you will learn how to manage everything from credit cards, loans and debts to real estate and mortgages. Develop a plan for your retirement and improve your understanding of your budgets and savings.

The Finance and Accounting for Beginners is the ideal course for entrepreneurs and managers and anyone who wants to quickly learn the language of business. You will learn about income statements, profit & loss statements, balance sheets and what to look out for in business meetings.

The final course will help you to gain control over your finances by creating an individual Finance Compass, tailored to your own personal expenses. It will enable you to manage your finances each month and learn how to keep track of expenses, revenue and invisible costs with a personal finance tracker.


Personal Finance Masterclass

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Budgeting

Part 3; Making Money

Part 4: Credit Cards and Debit Cards

Part 5: Debt and Loans

Part 6: Investing and Financial Advising

Part 7: Retirement and Pensions

Part 8: Early Retirement Plan & Financial Freedom

Part 9: Real Estate, Mortgages, and Other Big Ticket Purchases

Part 10: Taxes: How Taxes Work

Part 11; Love & Money: Build a Thriving Financial Environment for You and Your Loved Ones

Part 12: Psychology & Youth & Money: Start Being Smart About Money When You're Young

Part 13: Psychology & Money: Battling with Society Norms

Part 14: Conclusion

Part 15: Recommended Courses

Finance and Accounting For Beginners

Part 1: Profit & Loss or Income Statement

Part 2: Balance sheets

Part 3: Cash & Working Capital

Part 4: Working More Efficiently

Part 5: Other Points

Gain Control of your finances

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Financial management principles

Part 3: BONUS: guided videos on your Finance Compass

Part 4: Quiz