Natural Healing Bundle

3 Courses in 1: This Natural Healing Bundle will empower you to heal on an emotional, mental and spiritual level to achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

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Course Highlights

  • Includes 89 lectures, over 6 hours of video content, a course handbook and handouts.
  • Learn how to meditate in order to connect with your spirit friends and be able to perform Trance healing..
  • Learn 3 simple and powerful tools to combat the darkness in the world and to keep your own light shining brightly
  • Understand the history of crystals and be able to cleanse & balance with crystals.
  • This bundle is Ideal for beginners to the practice of energy healing, experienced energy healers who want more training or anyone who has a desire to heal themselves

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Natural Healing Bundle
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Melody Litton
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This Natural Healing Bundle will teach you how to heal on an emotional, mental and spiritual level. Learn how you can achieve optimal health and wellbeing by cleansing and energising yourself and others.

Learn how to use energetic shielding to transform your life and surround yourself with positive energy. You will be given 3 simple and powerful tools to combat the darkness in the world and to keep your own light shining brightly. It is designed to help anybody who seeks greater balance and peace in their lives and who are open to alternative and natural healing.

The Professional Crystal Therapy Healing Diploma will explore the history of crystals and their powerful potential as a healing and holistic therapy. You will learn about choosing, cleansing and energising crystals, as well as a guide to commonly used stones, crystal shapes, chakras and treatment.

Learn about the body's amazing ability to heal itself through identifying underlying causes in this Natruopathy course. The symptoms of illnesses are considered to be mere manifestations of inner imbalances - these may be due to physical, emotional, or mental causes. This foundation course in Naturopathy serves as an introduction to Naturopathy on a professional level, covering both the basics of natural health and explaining possible routes into working in the industry.

In, Kinesiology, Intuition and Healing, you will learn the art of muscle-testing as a way to check your intuition, tap into your self-guidance and follow along with 5 different energy healing techniques. Learn the importance of the various Spiritual healing teams & what this can bring to your life. 4th-dimensional healing is all about understanding the human race as complex energy beings


Energetic Shielding: For Healing, Protection & Balance

Part 1: Welcome!

Part 2: Personal Power Tip #1: Keep Your Energy-Body Balanced

Part 3: Personal Power Tip #2: Regularly Flush Your System

Patt 4: Personal Power Tip #3: Create an Energy Shield

Part 5: Final Thoughts

Crystal Therapy and Healing

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Week 1

Part 3: Week 2

Part 4: Week 3

Part 5: Week 4

Part 6: Week 5

Part 7: Week 6

Part 8: Week 7

Part 9: Week 8

Part 10: Week 9

Part 11: Week 10

Part 12: Week 11

Part 13: Week 12

Naturopathy & Natural Healing Foundation Diploma

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - What is Naturopathy?

Part 3 - Homeopathy

Part 4 - Acupuncture

Part 5 - Herbalism

Part 6 - Nutrition

Part 7 - Iridology

Part 8 - Progress Check In!

Part 9 - Flower Remedies

Part 10 - Aromatherapy

Part 11 - Summary & Final Assessment

Kinesiology, Intuition and Healing

Part 1: Intuition for Healing

Part 2: Energy Healing Techniques

Part 3: The Human Being as Energy Being

Part 4: The Spiritual Healing Team