First Aid for Children & Babies

An essential first aid course covering all the common illnesses & injuries of children & babies.

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Course Highlights

  • 46 lectures, including 1.5 hours of video content with supporting handout materials & quizzes to test your knowledge
  • Feel confident giving first aid treatment to children in a number of scenarios, such as: choking, fractured bones, allergic reactions, seizures etc
  • Identify when to administer first aid treatment yourself & when to call for professional help
  • Learn what signs/symptoms to look for when assessing an injured or ill child
  • This course is ideal for mothers, fathers, teachers, babysitters, cargeivers & anyone who has the responsibility of taking care of children

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First Aid for Children & Babies
Dr. J.
Dr. Jeff Petroff
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Course Facts

RequirementsThis course has no prerequisites

Course Teacher

Dr. Jeff Petroff

MedScreen - Preventative Medicine

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Being responsible for small children can be a daunting prospect as they are prone to accidents & illnesses. This first aid course will cover some of the most common situations that might arise & help you to feel confident in assessing & administering first aid care for children. You will understand when to give first aid treatment yourself & when you should call for professional help.

This course is brought to you by Dr. Jeff Pertoff, the founder & CEO of MedScreen, a medical information platform, focused on preventative medicine, skeptical medicine as well as lifestyle health. Jeff has developed this course to help people gain the necessary tools and skills that they will need to make informed and evidence based decisions about children's health & safety.

This course is ideal for anyone who is responsible for children such as parents, future parents, teachers, babysitters, caregivers & anyone that wants to feel more confident in taking care of children.