Exotic Languages Bundle

3 courses in 1! This exotic Languages bundle offers an introduction into 4 unique different and distinguished exotic languages: Vietnamese, Chinese and Arabic.

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Course Highlights

  • Includes 280 lectures and over 21 hours of content.
  • Learn Vietnamese and gain fluent and conversational language skills.
  • Master polite, beginner level conversational Chinese that will enable you to communicate with your friends in a casual manner.
  • Improve on your core speaking, reading and listening skills and widen your vocabulary.
  • Suitable for any one interested in learning a new language.

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Exotic Languages Bundle
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This exotic Languages bundle offers an introduction into 3 unique different and distinguished exotic languages: Vietnamese, Chinese, and Arabic.

If you want a fun, and easy to way to learn Chinese then continue your linguistic journey in this easy to digest, entertaining and logical course. Chinese Level 1 will teach you to recognise the 350 most essential characters, read and write at an intermediate level and let your conversations flow. It will teach you the Chinese language Mandarin and will cover core speaking, reading and listening skills, you will widen your vocabulary and get to grips with how this fascinating language works.

In the second course you will learn Vietnamese For life and gain fluent and conversational language skills that you can apply with confidence and ease. It is designed for both efficiency and proficiency and will teach you everyday Vietnamese in the shortest time frame possible.

The Arabic course will introduce you to this rich, and beautiful language in an engaging and simple to follow way. Through a series of videos, you will learn the alphabet, tune your ear to the correct pronunciation, learn Arabic grammar and common phrases. You can improve your Arabic for business or everyday communication.


Chinese Level 1 Certification:

Part 1: So Big and So Small

Part 2: The Measure Word

Part 3: Watch Out For A Female Son

Part 4: Being Good And Being Dead

Part 5: Mamamamama

Part 6: Numbers And Names

Part 7: Everyone's Favorite Character

Part 8: Around The Toilet

Part 9: Working And Doing

Part 10: Space And Time

Part 11: A Rapping Chinese Teacher

Part 12: Taxi Chinese

Part 13: This And That

Part 14: Here And There

Part 15: The One With A Ninja

Part 16: May I?

Part 17: Quiz

Learn Vietnamese for Life:

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Useful Words and phrases for Understanding

Part 3: How to talk about intentions, discussions and enthusiasm

Part 4: How to talk about performances, idioms and the universe

Part 5: How to talk about childhood, neighbours and the good old days

Part 6: How to talk about blaming, pretending and becoming

Part 7: Conclusion

Part 8: Quiz

Arabic for Beginners:

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Alphabets

Part 3: Diacritics

Part 4: Pronouns

Part 5: Interrogative Pronouns

Part 6: Verbs

Part 7: Numbers

Part 8: Date And Time

Part 9: Emotions And Feelings

Part 10: Common Phrases

Part 11: Quiz