Felix Lattman

Founded DominoChinese, Chinese Teaching Institute

About Felix Lattman

Hi! I'm Felix Lattman. In 2012, I went to China with the intention of learning Chinese. None of the teaching methods suited me so I decided to teach myself.

3 years later I have now founded Dominochinese, the first (by foreigners) Chinese teaching institute, in China. Our approach is to turn around the traditional classroom and challenge students to think more independently.

As our courses are built on my and other students' personal experiences we can also easily relate to our students and provide a very logical approach.

Perhaps more important, we try to make it fun. As fun as it can get. We call it 'edutainment'. Teaching with humor is necessary to awaken emotions in our students, make them more active and, therefore, learn more.


3 courses in 1! This exotic Languages bundle offers an introduction into 4 unique different and distinguished exotic languages: Vietnamese, Chinese and Arabic.


Looking for a new linguistic challenge? Learn Chinese in a simple, easy to follow way with this course. In just two hours you will grasp the basics.

Do you want a fun, and easy to way to learn Chinese? Continue your linguistic journey in this easy to digest, entertaining and logical course.