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Deaf Awareness & Sign Language Bundle

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What you'll learn

3 Courses in 1! British Sign Language is an official language in the UK. Expand your signing knowledge with new phrases and grammar rules and learn how to communicate with deaf people in this 3 course bundle.

British Sign Language is an official language used in the United Kingdom. There are thousands of people that are predominantly communicating with this form of language. Why not expand a basic knowledge of British Sign Language and progress towards confident signing with this course bundle covering introductory, everyday & workplace BSL.

The everyday BSL course will teach you the fundamental vocabulary & fingerspelling techniques that will allow you to communicate with the deaf community & progress towards confident signing.

The second course will teach you the essential British Sign Language (BSL) phrases related to your workplace as well as how to communicate with a hearing-impaired or deaf individual in a dignified manner. You will be able to better understand colleagues, or serve customers, creating a friendly and inclusive environment.

The Deaf Awareness course is designed to enlighten and ease the flow of communication that you might have with a person that is hard of hearing, both in the work place and in other social situations. You will also learn about some of the major causes and types of deafness and understand communication tactics when working with or as a Communication Support Worker.

This is course bundle is a great opportunity to learn how to communicate with deaf friends and family, the deaf community and children or for anyone who wants a career in any environment where communication is key.


**British Sign Language: Essential Everyday BSL**

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - The Alphabet & Fingerspelling

Part 3 - Your First Conversations

Part 4 - Core Vocabulary

Part 5 - Expanding Your Vocabulary

Part 6 - Questions, Emotions & Putting It All Together

Part 7 - Final Words

**British Sign Language: Essential Workplace Phrases**

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - Deafness Awareness Training and Education Quiz

Part 3 - Kitchen & Supermarket

Part 4 - Office

Part 5 - Garage

Part 6 - Hospital

Part 7 - Bonus handouts

**Deaf Awareness**

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - Facts & Figures

Part 3 - The Ear & Hearing

Part 4 - Communication Methods & British Sign Language

Part 5 - Conclusion

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  • Over 6 hours of video content introducing you to British Sign Language
  • Learn the fundamentals of British Sign Language from the alphabet to colours
  • Understand the unique placement of signs depending of it you are discussing general numbers, time, age or money
  • Greet deaf people correctly and respond to simple phrases or questions
  • Learn about the 5 most common grammar rules of BSL - Negation, Plurality, Question Structure, Marking Time & Quality
  • Learn about communication tactics and how to work with or as Communication Support Worker


Rachel Hubbard
CEO & Founder of Deaf Umbrella

Olly Richards
I Will Teach You A Language

Rachel Hubbard
CEO & Founder of Deaf Umbrella

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Deaf Awareness & Sign Language Bundle
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Deaf Awareness & Sign Language Bundle