British Sign Language Level 1: The Power Of Storytelling

Learn British Sign Language in a fun and creative way through the use of storytelling in this brand new BSL course!

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Course Highlights

  • Includes over 2 hours of video content, 66 lectures and practices to help you master British sign language.
  • Boost your ability to understand what others are communicating to you and enhance your descriptive skills.
  • Includes 15 unique stories for a creative way to practice BSL.
  • Watch without voice to encourage receptive skills and answer some basic questions then can recap seeing the video in full to check your understanding.
  • Suitable for any student passionate about sign language and wants to improve their signing ability in their personal or professional life.

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British Sign Language Level 1: The Power Of Storytelling

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Course requirementsThere are no prerequisites for this course.

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Learn Sign Language

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More Info

This interactive British Sign Language Course will help you learn sign language in a fun and unique way. The course cleverly incorporates storytelling techniques to help you practice the essential every day sign language phrases and words. It includes various picture sequences and an opportunity for you to watch the videos with and without prompts to help you learn effectively.

This BSL course has been created by Sonia Hollis, a qualified British Sign Language Interpreter registered with NRCPD and has taught both Level 1 and Level 2 in Adult Education over the years. Sonia has BSL Levels 1 - 4 plus a BA Hons in BSL/English Interpreting, along with NVQ Level 4 in BSL/English Interpreting. You will also learn from an array of talented teachers and experts

This British Sign Language course is suitable for any student wanting to learn sign language in a fun and innovative way. It will allow you to practice the basic sign language vocabulary and improve your ability to express yourself and describe situations in sign language as well as recognize what other people are signing.