Exam Preparation & Study Skills Bundle

A 4 course bundle to help you prepare effectively for exams and boost your grades in this extensive revision course that will teach you how to study effectively, retain important information and perform under pressure.

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Course Highlights

  • Includes over 10 hours of video content, 112 lectures, supplementary handouts and effective techniques to ace your exams!
  • Learn mind mapping techniques to efficiently retain information.
  • Don't allow stress and anxiety affect the quality of your work in high pressure situations.
  • Increase your academic grades and performance by changing your mindset and approach to studying
  • Let how to memorize information in fun and creative ways.
  • Suitable for any students, teachers or anyone taking exams or are required to perform under pressure and memorize large quantities of information,

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Exam Preparation & Study Skills Bundle
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The world alone can be enough to conjure up feelings of dread and anxiety. However, this extensive Study Skills and Exam Recuperation Bundle will teach you how to study effectively, perform under pressure and ace every assessment!

In the Mind Mapping For Better Grades Course, you will learn how to effectively plan and implement a study routine for successful revision. No longer let yourself fall into lazy habits of last minute cramming and procrastination. Instead, follow a concise routine

The Modern Study Skills & Exam Preparation will build on what you learned and further progress your study methods. Learn how to motivate yourself and get the most out of all your classes and lectures. Discover the best techniques to prepare yourself for exams and ensure you remember the information you have learned.

Within the language section of the bundle, we will focus on productively learning and retaining vocabulary and language. You can begin to speak, write and read new languages with ease and ace aural, oral and written language exams. You can also develop the confidence to use new languages abroad and recall difficult vocabulary sufficiently.

Finally, the concluding course will teach you about the science behind study and how your brain retains and loses information. You will learn how to regulate the information you remember and use neuroscience to boost your performance. Learn how to perform under pressure and combat performance stress and anxiety, to be your best in exam situations.


Mind Mapping For Better Grades

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Layout

Part 3: Introducing Graphical Elements

Part 4: Drawing Glyphs in your MindMaps

Part 5: Bringing it All Together

Modern Study Skills & Exam Preparation

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Motivation

Part 3: Retain Learning Effectively

Part 4: Get the Most out of your Classes and Lectures

Part 5: Preparing for Assessment and Exams

Part 6: Conclusion

Learn & Memorize the Vocab of Any Language

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: The Blueprint

Part 3: Language

Part 4: Memorization

Part 5: Making life easier

Part 6: Further techniques

Part 7: Accessing foreign tongues

Part 8: Secrets to other languages

How To Perform Under Pressure

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Introduction to Evidence-Based Approach To Optimal Performance

Part 3: Neuroscience & Performance

Part 4: Understand Yourself

Part 5: Enjoy Challenge

Part 6: SMART Thinking

Part 7: Improve the Balance

Part 8: Total Confidence

Part 9: Total Control

Part 10: Only Focus on Succeeding

Part 11: Regulate Yourself

Part 12: Learn to Adapt

Part 13: Look Towards Your Potential

Part 14: Quiz