CTAA Accredited Spirituality Coach Diploma

Unlock the full potential of yourself or your clients through beginning a Spiritual Journey.

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  • Includes 13 lectures with 1.5HRs of video content and an extensive course manual
  • Understand what a spiritual coach is and start out on your spiritual journey
  • Learn about the importance of meditation and enjoy 3 amazing meditations to open up to your spiritual self
  • Explore the purpose of life and the chakras
  • A perfect course for anyone looking to pursue a spiritual journey or those wanting to help others understand their spiritual side

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CTAA Accredited Spirituality Coach Diploma
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In the hectic shuffle of our daily lives, it can be easy to disconnect with our true selves and get carried away by the everyday stresses. Learning more about spirituality can help you enjoy better levels of wellbeing and contentment.

Each one of us may belong to different religions or may not ascribe to any faith at all. It’s a matter of personal choice. But applying the rules of spirituality can help every one of us cope better with challenges and life experiences. By helping people discover the magic of spirituality, we can help them live deeper, better and more meaningful lives.

This course is aimed at those who are wanting to open up on their own spiritual path or those who want to help others in their quest in Spirituality, either professionally or with friends and family.