NLP Courses

Comprehensive introduction to becoming an NLP practitioner explaining and teaching the interaction between mindset and behaviour.

  437 students

This 3 course bundle will teach NLP basics, the interaction between mindset and behaviour and how to apply this exciting system of tools to help yourself and others excel in every aspect of life!


  145 students

This 3 course NLP and CBT bundle will teach you how to understand the way people organize language and change the way that people think and behave.


  201 students

Neuro linguistic Programming (NLP) is the practice of understanding how people organize their thinking, and language and how this affects behaviour.

  375 students

NLP is an exciting and valuable system of tools, techniques, and strategies to excel in every area of your life! This course is a comprehensive guide to NLP

  221 students

This NLP course will help you develop a vision for what you want in life and teach you how to motivate yourself to consistently act on this vision.

  72 students

The techniques employed through NLP and Self-Hypnosis will help anyone who has ever found themselves affected by fear, anxiety or nervousness.

  167 students

This 3 course, goal setting bundle will help you to set realistic goals and show you to a create life plan focused on achieving them.


  34 students