Management: Dealing With Difficult People

Learn how to recognise difficult behaviour and skills for self-empowerment when faced with difficult people at home, in the workplace and social situations.

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Course Highlights

  • Includes 11 lectures, 1 hour of video content, supplementary handouts and a quiz to test yourself.
  • Learn how to deal with challenging behaviour in the workplace, at home or in social settings.
  • Be able to recognise and use the four key skills of self-empowerment when faced with challenging behaviour
  • Understand how to separate the 'problem' from the 'person' and separate thoughts from feelings.
  • This course is ideal for anyone looking to improve the way that they handle challenging people, behaviour & situations.

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Management: Dealing With Difficult People
Barry W.
Barry Winbolt
Course Tutor

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Course requirements There are no prerequisites for this course.

More Info

This course looks at the most common kinds of difficult behaviour, and provides you with an essential toolkit for identifying and managing them effectively. Learn how to plan for more successful outcomes with relationships at work, home and socially. Be able to identify seven common types of difficult characters, recognise clues to the patterns in their behaviour, and understand how to prepare yourself to deal with them.

Your course instructor, Barry Winbolt (MSc) is a relationship consultant and mediator. He has over 25 years of experience providing training and advice in working relationships, communication skills and personal development. He has authored Difficicult People; How to Handle Difficult Behaviour, with extensive research in the area.

This course is ideal for anyone that wants to improve the way they handle difficult people and situations more effectively. It will teach you effective strategies to combat difficult behaviour & interactions that won't resolve themselves.