Mary Cummings

Business Mentor and Teacher

About Mary Cummings

I'm Mary Cummings, an accredited business mentor with the Institute Of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs in the UK, an online educator, freelance journalist and published author. I have run a successful, profitable freelance business for twelve years and know that for many freelancers and consultants, it's not their expertise that gets in the way of running a profitable business, it's learning how to put systems in place to enable them to actually run the business itself. My mission is to mentor and empower freelancers and consultants to find projects that they truly enjoy, for clients they enjoy working with and for a fee that truly reflects their talent and expertise. I'm really looking forward to working along with you, to help you achieve your best year ever. With best wishes, Mary

Mary Cummings's Experience


A Freelance Success Course that will teach you how to carve a high-end consultancy niche, confidently pitch to clients and take on profitable projects.

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