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About Kerstin Hammes

I'm the founder of Fluent Language Tuition and started my own business as an online language tutor in 2012 (my subjects are German, French and English). I run a successful language blog and podcast, and work with fellow online teachers and small business owners on improving their blogs, newsletters and websites.

I am a native German speaker and come from the beautiful Moselle valley near Luxembourg and France. I've had a passion for languages since I can remember, and hold various degrees:

BA(Hons) French and English for International Business

MA in Translation Studies

Author of The Vocab Cookbook and Fluency Made Achievable

In past lives, I have worked in all sorts of great multicultural environments here in the UK and done a lot of business travel and now my fields of expertise are

Blogging and Personal Branding Marketing (especially online) French, German and English