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Qualified Baby Massage Instructor & Registered Homeopath

About Bev Nickolls

Bev is a qualified Baby Massage Instructor. She is a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists and the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.

She has taught baby massage privately to individuals and groups for over 9 years and is also commissioned to run groups in Children’s Centres for Community Learning and for North Somerset Council.

Bev is a Registered Homeopath, specialising in working antenatally and postnatally and with babies and young children and their families. She runs a busy homeopathic practice and often brings together her knowledge of homeopathic remedies and specific massages to help ease infant colic and other symptoms. She is passionate about introducing parents to the joys and benefits of baby massage as well as natural remedies and a joint natural approach as much as possible.

Bev is a tutor for the School of Homeopathy and works with students using online learning from all over the world. She has many years of experience of teaching therapies at College and University level. The Babypath was established to bring together these different approaches as a way for parents to be able to access and learn the skills online easily in order to support their baby and start their journey together as smoothly and naturally as possible. Bev is passionate about self-education and about parents being empowered to work with and support their own babies and children. Above all this process is fun and highly nurturing for the relationship between parent and baby.