Writing & Publishing Bundle

This 3 course bundle will show you how to turn your notepad full of amazing ideas into a bestselling eBook on Amazon.

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Course Highlights

  • 103 lectures with, 11 hours of video content plus support PDF materials
  • Learn how to write in an economical way and to write both with flair and clarity
  • Learn how to use distributors and retailers and to format ebooks from Microsoft Word documents
  • Sell ebooks on Paypal with a system that runs on autopilot! Use PR, reviews and websites to make more ebook sales!
  • Choose the perfect title and cover for your book; upload your book to Amazon and choose categories and promote it

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Writing & Publishing Bundle
Shani R.
Shani Raja
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RequirementsThis course has no prerequisites

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This bundle will show you how to turn your notepad full of amazing ideas into a bestselling eBook on Amazon. You will learn professional writing techniques that will transform your writing whether you’re an aspiring journalist, struggling with essays or you want to write a killer CV. Shani Raja has taught top journalists, and worked for The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Financial Times, and Bloomberg News.

You will then move onto the publishing your work on platforms such as Amazon, Apple, Google, B&N, Kobo, Smashwords, Scribd and major retailers. Learn how to format your work to be sold on multiple platforms, and then maximise the performance on each of those platforms.

The final section of the bundle will focus primarily on publishing and selling your eBook on Amazon. Philip Ebiner has written Amazon bestselling books, and will share with you the secrets of publishing your eBook on Amazon and how to make money from it.


Writing With Flair: Become an Exceptional Writer

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - Simplicity

Part 3 - Clarity

Part 4 - Elegance

Part 5 - Conclusion

Part 6 - Elite Writers Checklist

Self Publishing Made Easy

Part 1 - Before Selling eBooks

Part 2 - Formatting MS Word, HTML, and ePub

Part 3 - Cover Design

Part 4 - Uploading to Major Retailers

Part 5 - Direct Sales on Autopilot

Part 6 - Marketing in the Digital World

Part 7 - PR & Reviews

How to Write & Publish an Amazon Bestseller!

Part 1 - Become Number 1

Part 2 - Creating your book

Part 3 - Publishing your book

Part 4 - Promotion

Part 5 - Final Actions