Videography Bundle

3 courses in 1: This course will teach you professional video making and editing techniques so that you can enhance your videography skills and even make money from your creations!

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Course Highlights

  • Includes 151 lectures, over 14 hours of video content, and downloadable printouts
  • Learn how to record high-quality audio and improve your video lighting
  • Create beautiful videos by understanding professional video equipment and editing techniques
  • Discover how to use your new skills to start a successful videography business
  • Ideal for anyone looking to improve their video-making skills: YouTubers, Vloggers, Online Teachers, Photographers, Artists, Business Owners, Bloggers, Online Content Creators, and Aspiring Filmmakers

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Videography Bundle
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In this bundle, you will master the art of professional videography! From basic techniques in sound and lighting, to training your creative eye, you'll learn to make impressive videos to be proud of! Whether it's documenting your own adventures, making a script a reality, or allowing others to remember their wedding day, this bundle will help you capture moments that will last forever.

"Videography Masterclass" will teach you the practical skills required to be a professional videographer. You'll discover the right equipment to use and how to get the best shots with different cameras. You'll also learn how to complement your shots with clear audio and perfect lighting. Finally, the course will teach you how to edit all your clips together into one fantastic piece, and how to publish your work so that others can enjoy it!

In "Video Shooting Techniques" you'll build on your new skills and learn even more advanced methods of videography. First, you'll discover how a carefully crafted sequence can tell a fascinating story. Then you'll pick up extensive technical tips, as well as the common pitfalls of video making and how to avoid them. Overall, this course will allow you to create your own unique work of art.

With "Wedding Videography: Start your own successful business!", you'll be able to put all this knowledge into practice through one of the most rewarding forms of videography. This course will teach you how to spot and capture the magical moments of a wedding. It will also help you set up your client base and work out the terms of your contracts, so that you can turn your talents into a profitable business with very happy customers!


Videography Masterclass

Part 1 - Introduction to Creating Great Videos

Part 2 - Pre-Production: Get Ready to Make Your Video

Part 3 - Equipment - Our Suggestions for Getting Started

Part 4 - Cinematography Basics - Shoot Great Videos

Part 5 - Tips for Shooting with Different Cameras

Part 6 - Audio Recording and Microphones

Part 7 - Video Lighting

Part 8 - Editing Better Videos

Part 9 - Get More Views - Publishing Your Video Online

Part 10 - Case Studies: Real-World Filmmaking

Part 11 - Whats next?

Part 12 - Bonus Material

Part 13 - Final Quiz

Videoshooting Techniques

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - The five keys to great storytelling

Part 3 - Still Photography and Videography.

Part 4 - Shooting Techniques for the edit.

Part 5 - Composition, light and amateur traps

Part 6 - Camera equipment ideas

Part 7 - Conclusion

Wedding Videography: Start your own successful business!

Part 1 - Introduction to Wedding Videography

Part 2 - Getting Your First Wedding

Part 3 - Shooting a Wedding

Part 4 - Editing Wedding Videos

Part 5 - Creating an Online Presence

Part 6 - Course Wrap Up

Part 7 - BONUS

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