Sewing & Fashion Design Bundle

2 Courses in 1! This Sewing & Fashion Design Bundle will enable you to become your own seamstress and create your own fashion pieces, plus help you to pick your best outfits for professional & personal life

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Course Highlights

  • Over 5 hours of video content with supporting PDF materials
  • Learn the essential aspects of sewing such as hemming, seaming and sewing on buttons and invisible zips.
  • Boost your abilities and productivity by learning how to create better fashion pieces, in a shorter amount of time.
  • Learn how to repair clothes or garments & create your own amazing fashion pieces.
  • Choose the perfect colour to suit your mood and enhance your features
  • Declutter and build your first capsule wardrobe
  • This course is ideal for fashion designers that want to create their own garments through sewing.

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Sewing & Fashion Design Bundle
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RequirementsThis bundle has no prerequisites

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Learn sewing techniques that will enhance your fashion design & styling skills greatly. Benefit from this cost effective solution to repairing clothes or garments & learn how to create your own amazing fashion pieces. The sewing course will provide an introduction to the essential aspects of sewing such as hemming, seaming and sewing on buttons & invisible zips; allowing you to implement these skills into your fashion design ideas.

Once you have learnt sewing techniques for creating amazing fashion pieces, gain professional advice for becoming the best dressed woman in every scenario. Learn how to pick the best garments to enhance your features giving you a powerful look to stand out. The clothes that you wear have an impact on the quality of your connections as well as your relationship with yourself.

Course instructor Larissa, has a background in psychology and is a self-confidence coach so knows exactly how fashion and clothing can effect ones mental state & Louise is a fashion blogger so has contemporary views on fashion to share with you.

Take this Sewing & Fashion Design bundle & create your very own handmade garments and gain professional advice for choosing your best looks in both professional and personal life.


Sewing For Beginners

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - The Sewing Machine

Part 3 - The Basics

Part 4 - Hemming and Seam

Part 5 - Fabric

Part 6 - Sewing Project

Part 7 - Course Quiz

Fashion Styling for Women

Part 1 - Welcome

Part 2 - Wardrobe Detox

Part 3 - Colour Dressing Made Easy

Part 4 - Shape Your Life

Part 5 - Accessorizing: Here's all the Facts

Part 6 - Effortless Shopping

Part 7 - Bonus Material