Relationship Success Bundle

A 3 course bundle, teaching you how to grow long lasting, strong and intimate relationships and how to effortlessly build emotional connections with others.

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Course Highlights

  • Includes 152 lectures, 9 hours of video content, quizzes, exercises and pdf material.
  • Learn how to lay the groundwork for better quality relationships
  • Discover secrets to communication, happiness, forgiveness and more
  • Learn very specific practices and exercises for each love language and enhance your ability to become intimate with others.
  • Increase levels of self awareness and develop your empathy towards others.
  • Suitable for anyone wanting to learn more about relationships and how they can grow and flourish their relationships.

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Relationship Success Bundle
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This bundle is the perfect companion for anyone interested in relationships and connecting with others. Develop intimate connections with others, through learning about love languages, the neurochemistry of falling in love and how to sustain loving, balanced relationships. Grow your emotional intelligence and get the most out of your relationships!

In the Relationship Coaching Workshop, Joeel and Natalie teach you how to deliver a powerful and professional Relationship Coaching, to individuals and groups. You’ll learn how to present yourself and structure a programme that enables others to communicate, forgive and love more effectively. You'll also gain an official Certification, to recognise your new abilities in helping people build stronger relationships and live better lives!

The Intimacy and Relationships Course will provide an in-depth insight into Love Languages and how they represent the core patterns of speaking and sharing love with one another. Learn about the importance of the Neurochemistry of falling in love, and how it is essential to learn a partner's love language to sustain love on a neurological level.

Our Emotional Intelligence and Soft Skills course is ideal for those who struggle with conflict, or want to forge stronger relationships. It will teach you how to increase your level of emotional intelligence. Improve your ability to combine feelings with thoughts, enabling strong interpersonal relationships, and positive decision-making.


Relationship Coaching Workshops Certification

Part 1: Welcome to the Course

Part 2: Introduction to Workshops

Part 3: Workshop Tips and Tools

Part 4: Workshop Resources

Part 5: Love and Foundation

Part 6: Breaking Patterns

Part 7: Communication and Teamwork

Part 8: Forgiveness

Part 9: Happiness

Part 10: Creating Your Vision

Part 11: Wrapping It Up

Part 12: Quiz

Intimacy & Relationships: From Language to Neurochemistry

Part 1: Introduction: Discover and Integrate your Love Languages

Part 2: Love Language 1: Words of Affirmation

Part 3: Love Language 2: Touch

Part 4: Love Language 3: Gifts

Part 5: Love Language 4: Acts of Service

Part 6: Love Language 5: Quality Time

Part 7: BONUS Exploration of Love Languages Using Astrology, Ancestry, and Quizzes

Part 8: Recommended Courses

Emotional Intelligence & Soft Skills

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Self Awareness

Part 3: Self Management

Part 4: Social Awareness

Part 5: Relationship Management

Part 6: Quiz