Public Speaking & Presenting Bundle

Learn how to improve your presentation skills in this 3 course bundle through public speaking techniques, voice coaching and exercises to increase your confidence in front of others.

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  • Includes 128 high quality lectures and over 6 hours of online, on-demand video content.
  • Learn how to look comfortable and confident when giving a presentation.
  • Learn the three steps to breathing and connecting with the breath.
  • Learn exercises that are geared to warming up your body for performance and public speaking.
  • This bundle is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their public speaking and presentation skills, whether they struggle with confidence and public speaking nerves or not.

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Public Speaking & Presenting Bundle

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This bundle will help you to perfect your presentation skills and improve your public speaking through increased confidence, voice coaching and presentation persona. Learn how to speak in front of crowds without fear, and how to avoid those common pitfalls that can hinder your presentation skills.

'Public Speaking: Become a Great Speaker in 24 Hours' is the first of our 3-course bundle. It will provide you with an introduction on techniques for looking confident and comfortable when presenting. Learn how to be memorable when presenting to a large audience and how to keep their attention.

'Voice Coaching for Confidence' will provide you with steps and tips for improving your breathing when speaking in public - specifically the three steps to breathing and connecting with breath. You will learn specific vocal techniques for confident delivery as well as how to bring stories to life and captivate an audience through story telling.

'Warm up for Performers and Public Speaking' will provide you with useful exercises to apply before presenting or speaking in public, specifically focusing on the voice and the body. You will study exercises that will prepare your body for a performance environment, through learning about body alignment, breath control and articulation.

This bundle is a great combination of courses for anyone who wants to improve their presence in front of audiences. Whether it is a speech at a family wedding, an important presentation at work, or any other public speaking scenario, this bundle will help you to get rid of those nerves, speak with confidence and deliver a fantastic public speech.


Public Speaking: Become a Great Speaker in 24 Hours

Part 1 - Before We Start

Part 2 - Accomplishing Goals in Every Presentation

Part 3 - Creating Stories for Your Presentations

Part 4 - PowerPoint and Other Visuals

Part 5 - Gain 100% Confidence by Rehearsing the Right Way

Part 6 - Conclusions – How to Continue Your Presentation Improvement

Part 7 - Bonus eBooks

Part 8 - Bonus Video Lectures

Voice Coaching for Confidence

Part 1 - Introduction and True Voice

Part 2 - Breathing 101

Part 3 - The Vocal Orchestra

Part 4 - Introduction to Speaking Confidently

Part 5 - Actual Techniques

Part 6 - Introduction to Successful Storytelling

Part 7 - Picking the Stories

Part 8 - Part of the Story

Part 9 - Presenting the Story

Part 10 - Voice Bringing the Words to Life

Part 11 - Conclusion

Part 12 - Quiz

Warm up for Performers and Public Speaking

Part 1 - Why Warming Up Your Body and Voice is Essential for Performance

Part 2 - Warming Up the Body

Part 3 - Warming up the Voice

Part 4 - To Wrap Up

Part 5 - PDF: Resources for Warm-Ups